Starter Kits

The Modo Virtual Tour Starter Kit

Showcase your campus and workplace

A campus tour can be critically important to the process of deciding both to apply, and to attend, a school the student is considering attending. Campus visits help them get a sense of the campus culture and determine if it’s a fit for them socially and overall vibe-wise. However, campus visits aren’t an option at this time, this is where virtual campus tours can help them envision themselves in the spaces that your campus offers. A virtual campus tour can rapidly be done by adding, customizing and deploying the Virtual Tour Starter Kit.

The new Virtual Tour Starter Kit includes a single Publisher module which contains several starter/template screens.

Modo customers can add the Starter Kit (at no charge), create their virtual tour experience, and deploy all changes instantly.

The Modo Virtual Tour Starter Kit is available in the Customer Support Center>

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