Starter Kits

The Modo Virtual Commencement Starter Kit

Quickly set up an experience that celebrates students’ successes in your campus app

Many institutions have decided to postpone or cancel their Commencement ceremonies to contribute to their communities’ social distancing initiatives, but 2020 graduates still deserve to be celebrated. A virtual commencement experience can help make students feel that their institution understands the importance of the occasion and include those who might not have been able to travel to an in-person ceremony, with no ticket restrictions, every graduate can invite as many family and friends and they want to witness their graduation.

The new Virtual Commencement Starter Kit includes Photos, Video, Agenda, Map, and People List modules and 14 additional screens, along with 2 Quick Polls for Modo 3 customers.

Modo customers can add the Starter Kit (at no charge), populate it with specific details about the commencement ceremony plans at your organization, and deploy the experience instantly.

The Modo Virtual Commencement Starter Kit is available in the Customer Support Center>

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