The COVID-19 pandemic is creating unprecedented global challenges, and we wanted to take a moment to inform you about the steps Modo is taking to serve our customers, partners and the community, while ensuring the wellbeing and safety or our employees.

Protecting Health and Safety
We are actively monitoring the rapidly evolving situation and remain committed to keeping everyone in our extended community safe and connected. We are following the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and local, regional, and country guidelines to guide our actions.

Supporting the Distributed Campus and Workplace
To help you manage and thrive during this challenging time, we have created a Resource Center on How to Become a Distributed Campus or Workplace that includes guidance on how to keep all informed, connected, and engaged and shared learnings from our robust community of mobile leaders. We will continue to update this center, and as strategies to adapt to a virtual campus and workplace evolve. We are committed to innovating new solutions and sharing best practices to support your needs today and in the future. We at Modo are also following this distributed guidance in everything we do, to make sure our own operations continue to flourish despite the world situation.

Continuing to Serve Our Customers
With the pace of information changing daily, we know the ability to update your app rapidly and keep everyone informed is critical. To support our customers during this time, Modo has implemented the following:

  • Our Operations and Hosting teams are working around the clock to not only maintain our level of service, but also to expand it significantly to meet the increased surge in activity we encountered as every one of our customers converted to a virtual model. We are pleased that we met this service challenge, and our systems are better off for it, across the board.
  • Modo is a financially strong company and we are using the pause in standard business activities to increase our investments in products and services that our customers can immediately use at no cost during the crisis, while preparing to later scale with our clients as we move to the new normal together.
  • We introduced a new Crisis Response Starter Kit for COVID-19 that can be deployed in a campus or workplace app within an hour, at no additional costs and with no technical skills required.
  • Our Modo Support Center has been updated with essential new COVID-19 tools, including a library of sample app screens and guidance on how to use Modo Communicate to send notifications and news
  • Our Modo User Group has been extended to bi-weekly calls, all Modo users are welcome to join us to stay connected and share learnings.

To sign up for the Modo User Group, or to get help accessing or implementing these tools please visit: or contact our support team directly:

As we navigate through the coming weeks and months, we are thankful to be able to help our business and education clients inform and engage their students, faculty, staff, and employees. We recognize this is an evolving situation, and we are committed to continuing to keep all safe and support your needs, please reach out to a member of our support team if you have any questions.

Like the rest of the world, we are hopeful this crisis will soon be behind us, for now, our thoughts are with all of you, your loved ones, and your colleagues. Please don’t hesitate to let us know what we can do to help you.

Stay well

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