You’re Hired: How to Highlight Career Services in Your School’s Mobile App

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Now, more than ever schools are challenged to help students secure employment after graduation, and are even evaluated on post-graduation employment rates.

mississippi-college-career-services_200With students relying on their mobile devices as their primary source of information and communication, it’s critical to provide career advising support and resources for students in the space they’ll look first: your school’s mobile app.

Here are some ideas of how to include important career information in your mobile app:

  • Give Career Services a Home in Your App
    Give students multiple ways to reach out to career advisors by including key contacts, their email addresses, phone numbers, and office hours and locations in your app.

    • Provide students with the location, hours, and available services at the career center. Add a form to allow students to request appointments or additional information, directly from the mobile app.
    • Save students a trip to the career office and add advice on resumes and cover letters right in the app.
  • Createmaine-maritime-career-fair-1_200 an Event App for Career Fairs
    For many students this is a first opportunity to meet with prospective employers and learn about their companies, open opportunities, and training programs. Create a Career Fair module in your app to let students know which companies will be in attendance, locations of each table, what to bring, how to dress, and tips for interacting with recruiters.

  • Announce Recruiting Opportunities and Company Visits
    maine-maritime-company-visit-push_200Career Fairs aren’t the only time employees will be on campus or conducting interviews. Make sure students are aware who is coming and when. Use push notifications to alert students of upcoming employer visits and how to sign up to participate.

  • Make Searching On-the-Go Easier with Links to Jobs Search Sites
    Share links to major job searching sites or apps for students to begin the process of securing employment.

  • Share Internship and Co-op Opportunities
    Many students don’t wait until graduation to gain professional experience, post available internships or co-ops and detail about how to apply.

  • Post Work-Study Positions and Summer Jobs
    vsb-clay-center-prof-development_200Help students get connected with current paid opportunities by sharing work-study and summer job opportunities.

  • Promote Mentor Programs
    Connect students with alumni willing to share advice and meet for informational interviews.

  • Keep Alumni connected with Job Opportunities
    wm-push-mace-career-center_200Current students aren’t the only ones who may need some guidance, don’t forget alumni! Make it easy for alumni to network with one another and learn about available opportunities in their field.

With the right tools it’s easy for any member of the career services team to create and update app modules dedicated to career services—without requiring any coding or advanced technical skills. This enables you to keep students fully up-to-date and informed on career advancement and educational opportunities—in the palms of their hands.


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