You Can Get There From Here: How an App Can Help Your Employees’ Commutes

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Employee Commuting

Everybody’s got to get to work. Whether your employees are driving, carpooling, taking public transit, or an employer-sponsored shuttle, you can make the trek just a little easier by including commuting details within your company app.

Employee apps already increase employee productivity and workplace communication by serving as a central information hub and messaging tool with company news, dining details, maps, and maybe even special event modules. Why not improve employee productivity even further by adding commuting information to the app as well?

Driving and Carpooling
While daily commuters likely know the route, new or visiting employees can benefit from integrated maps and directions directly within the app. Even daily commuters may face unexpected traffic situations. Embedding Google Maps or Waze powered maps in your app allows employees to find the best route, and avoid traffic slow downs, ensuring they get to work on time.

If you encourage carpooling amongst employees – create a space in the app where employees can post carpool interest or options, and respond to one another. Tools like Disqus provide a discussion forum that can be easily integrated into a mobile app.

Perhaps the most useful app feature for those driving is a parking availability module. Using sensor or video technology, it’s possible to tell employees exactly how many parking spaces are left in any given structure, immediately within their employee app. Additionally, push notifications can be sent to employees alerting them in advance if parking areas are full, and letting them know how to seek an alternate parking location.

Public Transit
Encourage the use of public transportation by integrating public transit maps and schedules into your employee app. With just a tap, these commuters can plan their route in to the office and find the closest stops.

Delays on the line closest to the office? You could even send a notification out to employees so they are aware and leave a little extra time. Additionally, many transit systems now provide estimated arrival times for specific stops; which can be accessed via the app for up-to-the-minute planning.

Employer-Sponsored Shuttle
If your organization runs it’s own employee shuttle you can provide even further helpful details in your app. Shuttle tracking services allow you to show stop maps, individual shuttle locations in real-time, and enable users to request an alert when the shuttle is 5 minutes away from a specific stop. Again, push notifications can be used to alert users of any delays or other issues.

How Can You Include These Details In Your Employee App?
Using a rapid mobile app assembly platform, it’s easy to quickly create modules for any purpose – such as commuting details. Using these tools, modules can be quickly created by any team member, without requiring any coding. By incorporating commuting information into your existing employee app, employees have a one-stop-shop for anything they need to know related to work. Establishing this seamless user experience, you ensure improved productivity for all of your employees.

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