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Preceding the recent Kurogo Higher Ed Mobile Conference, Modo Labs asked conference registrants to complete a survey to gain some insight into the current mobile landscape on college and university campuses. Respondents came from colleges and universities around the country, primarily from the IT department (68%), as well as Leadership, Marketing, and Student Affairs.

The following are some of the interesting results from that survey.

Does your school have a mobile roadmap/strategy?
roadmapThere was nearly a 50/50 split between those schools that do and do not have mobile roadmaps in place. As the Plurals begin matriculating and mobile expectations continue to grow, it will become increasingly important for schools to develop and evolve comprehensive mobile strategies.

Who is the primary leader of mobile initiatives at your school?

Perhaps skewed somewhat due to the demographic of the respondents (68% IT professionals), it’s still clear that the IT department often takes the lead on mobile. It will be interesting to watch over the next few years, as more and more departments want to have a mobile presence, how this number shifts – perhaps we’ll see an increase in the cross-departmental committee model.

How important are each of the following in driving your mobile presence?
Across the board, access to information is seen as the key reason why schools have a mobile app. Schools have embraced the value of mobile apps as an effective way to put relevant, important, and actionable information in the hands of its students, on their devices of choice.

Similarly improved communication was another critical reason that schools have pursued mobile. Respondents recognize that mobile communication is an important way to “break through the noise” and keep its student body informed and engaged.

What are the most used modules/features in your campus app?
#1 – Dining
#2 – SIS (Student Information System)
#3 – Maps (Outdoor)
#4 – Directory
T5 – Athletics
T5 – LMS (Learning Management System)
T5 – News
T5 – Transit

With students accessing the Dining module three (or more!) times per day to view menus, cafeteria hours, and even nutritional information, it is only fitting as the most used module in respondent’s apps. SIS modules and maps were number two and three, further illustrating that students like modules that allow them to get things done on their phones.

Which modules/features are you planning that are not currently in your app?
#1 – Beacons
#2 – Personas
T3 – Events
T3 – Maps (Indoor)
T3 – Messaging
T3 – Tour
#4 – SIS (Student Information Systems)
T5 – LMS (Learning Management Systems)
T5 – Multi-Locations/Campuses
T5 – Parking

Beacon technology was a hot topic at the Kurogo Conference. Many schools are just beginning to develop use cases for Beacons on campus, while others have begun implementing full-fledged beacon strategies—from dining specials, to bookstore deals, and virtual tour stop details. Personas at number two indicates schools are interested in providing their campuses with an increasingly personalized options, such as Personas for current students, new students, alumni, or faculty

Mirroring the trends that bubbled to the top during presentations and discussions at the Kurogo Conference, these survey results point to engagement, personalization, and utility as key app components in schools’ mobile plans.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Kurogo Conference and shared his or her experience via this survey. It will be exciting to watch the trends change over years to come.


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