VisitND Challenge Winners Announced

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In September, the University of Notre Dame kicked off the VisitND Challenge, a student competition to build the best mobile campus tour for the ND Mobile app. Students submitted concept proposals, and from numerous entries ten were selected to actually build their tours using the Kurogo Tour platform. From those ten, the VisitND Challenge judging committee chose the top six tours to go live in the ND Mobile app and receive public feedback.

On December 1, the prizewinners were announced:

  • 1st Place: History of Notre Dame (Kevin Wilkins and Ryan Sweeney)
  • 2nd Place: Campus Pilgrimage (Brogan Ryan, CSC; Brendan Ryan, CSC; and Stephen Barany, CSC)
  • 3rd Place: Notable Notre Dame People (Erin Aucar, Joe Driano and Alexander Hansen)

Modo Labs, a sponsor of the competition, selected a tour to receive an additional $1000 Special Prize for best use of our platform, and the winner was also History of Notre Dame (Kevin Wilkins and Ryan Sweeney).

Congratulations to all participants on their creativity and execution of mobile campus tours using the Kurogo Tour platform. All six finalist tours are still available for viewing in the ND Mobile App.


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