The 10 Best University Mobile Apps of 2014

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2014 saw some great new apps that truly transformed the university experience.  It was difficult to narrow it down to 10, but here are some of the best, in alphabetical order. (You can also view this in Slideshare; link is at the end of this page.)

Barnard College: Mobile Barnard

Barnard excels at engaging prospective students with its campus app.  It has a comprehensive admissions module and a great mobile tour with videos that gives visitors a real feel for the campus.  Amazingly, each of these modules was created by non-technical staff.

Check out Mobile Barnard app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

California State University, Northridge: CSUN

Cal State Northridge’s app pushes the envelope in terms of utility with modules that include Peoplesoft registrar, courses, library, maps, dining, police services and the ability to pay tuition and fees, all on the go.

Check out CSUN app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store


College of William & Mary: William & Mary Mobile

William & Mary dynamically creates new apps for special events such as its New Student Orientation and Family Weekends.  Content changes in real time with no need for additional app store submissions or downloads.

Check out William & Mary Mobile app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Georgetown University: Georgetown Mobile

Multi-site, multi-role apps provide a personalized experience at Georgetown.   The app supports different personas, such as prospective students, new students, parents, staff, and alumni, as well as users in different locations such as DC, Qatar or the Law School.  Yet all editions share a single identity and data sources, making them easy to deploy and maintain.

Check out Georgetown Mobile app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Harvard University: Shoestring Strategies

Harvard’s “Shoestring Strategies for life @Harvard” app was created entirely by non-technical undergraduate students in their spare time.  It provides important tips and strategies for living on a budget as an undergraduate.

Check out Shoestring Strategies app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Rhode Island School of Design: RISD Mobile Tour

You wouldn’t expect any less from a design school.  RISD’s tour app has numerous stops with plentiful images and history.

Check out RISD Mobile Tour app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

University of Arizona: Arizona Mobile

Not only does Arizona have an extremely comprehensive campus app including editions for different persona and the ability to register for classes, but they also have, not just one, but three beautiful mobile tours.

Check out Arizona Mobile app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

University of Notre Dame: Notre Dame Mobile

Notre Dame tapped into its pool of student developers to develop new modules such as weather, webcam and mobile printing.  Using the Kurogo platform, it became a win-win situation for the university: students gained practical work experience while the university still maintained control of the mobile development process.

Check out Notre Dame Mobile app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

University of South Florida: HEEMAC @ USF

What’s a mobile app conference without a mobile app?  USF’s non-technical event staff created a comprehensive app for its 2014 Higher Education Enterprise Mobile App Conference (HEEMAC) including important information on the program, different tracks, maps and evaluations.

Check out HEEMAC @ USF app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Villanova School of Business: The Clay Center at VSB

VSB’s Clay Center staff created their own app to help students navigate  academic and professional development activities.  The app includes important information on upcoming events, advising, internships and job opportunities.

Check out The Clay Center at VSB app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Honorable Mention

We couldn’t stop at 10, so here are a few more excellent university mobile apps.

Fitchburg State University

Fitchburg State’s app proves that you don’t have to be big to be beautiful.   Admissions, tours and more.

Check out Fitchburg State Mobile web app from

Pasco-Hernando State College: PHSC Mobile

Orange juice isn’t just for breakfast anymore, and apps aren’t just for students.  Pasco-Hernando offers different editions for students, alumni and employees.

Check out PHSC Mobile app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

University of Maryland, Baltimore: Mobile UMB

UMB has a comprehensive campus app including unique modules for Parking and Room Scheduling as well as a regularly-updated Spotlight module that highlights different people, event and activities on campus.

Check out Mobile UMB app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Link to the Slideshare version


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