Employee Productivity and Facilities Reporting with a Workplace App

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Mobile apps for the workplace are becoming an essential tool for enhancing employee productivity and communication. The most effective apps connect employees across varying roles, responsibilities, and geographic locations with streamlined campus and company information. They include practical, useful, features such as company news, dining options, shuttle schedules, parking details, and indoor and outdoor maps. Another critical feature to keep the office running smoothly is a Facilities module.

facilities-report-problem-smallFacilities modules allow users to report any facility or equipment issue to a designated maintenance team immediately. They are a natural fit for a workplace app because they take advantage of an app’s innate capabilities, such as the ability to take a photo, access GPS data, and integrate with other app features with a single tap. Employees can report problems by writing a description, attaching a photo, or, even more easily, by scanning a QR code.

One of the benefits of a workplace app is the ability to deep link between features.   For example, Facilities modules can be integrated seamlessly with Indoor Maps, making it easy for employees to identify their location, and immediately report an issue. If a light is broken, coffee has spilled, or there is a leak, an employee can identify their location using an indoor map and provide a quick description accompanied by a picture to alert the necessary fix-it team.

Similarly, a QR code scanning feature can be integrated right into the app itself, so that reporting is a seamless and easy task. QR codes can be attached to various equipment such as key FOB readers, projectors, monitors, or speakers – if something is broken, a quick scan sends a notification to maintenance that there is a technical problem, and with which piece of equipment. Since employees are particularly shy to report any equipment issues in the restroom, installing a QR code will allow them to quickly scan the code, sending an alert that there is an issue.

The purpose of a mobile campus app for the workplace is to improve the day-to-day experience for employees, and to enhance communication and productivity. To be effective, apps should include features that enable employees to more easily accomplish certain tasks while they are on the go, such as reporting an issue with equipment or the facility. The ability to integrate Facilities modules with mapping and QR code scanning features, provides a quick and easy way to keep everything running smoothly.

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