How Your Mobile Campus App Can Become the Cornerstone to Success for New Students

Submitted by on Tue, 11/12/19

New student orientation can be highly charged emotionally for everyone involved, but particularly for students and their families. Whether they are incoming freshmen, transfers, or graduate candidates, new students can feel overwhelmed.

In addition to acclimating to an unfamiliar environment and meeting new dorm mates, students need to figure out where to go and when for orientation activities. At the same time, families are worried about their “new students” comfortably settling in.

Many universities are addressing this key event and putting students on the path to success – and families at ease – by adding a New Student Orientation (NSO) module to their mobile campus apps. In fact, schools including Pepperdine, UMass Amherst, University of Central Florida and Notre Dame have effectively used NSO modules to welcome new students and their families to campus. And we put together a webinar to share the secret to their success.

Tune into this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • 5 steps to creating a great first impression
  • How to encourage mobile campus app use from day one
  • The value of adding new student orientation into your official university app
  • What the app experience is like for both students and app administrators

Watch the on-demand webinar today so you know how to set new students up for success!


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