New Collage Building Block Lets You Add Salesforce Web-to-Lead Capture Forms to Any Collage Screen

Submitted by on Tue, 06/07/16

Collage, a powerful extension to the Kurogo Publisher App Assembly System, enables users to mix and match custom content, feed-based data, web applications, and rich media into a highly curated and unique app experience.

web-to-lead-example-admissionsWe are excited to roll out a new enhancement that will enable Kurogo Publisher users to include a Salesforce Web-to-Lead capture form as part of any Collage screen, ensuring a comprehensive and seamless mobile experience. Because Collage allows users to combine many different types of building blocks—such as videos, HTML text, hero images, and social feeds—into a one-screen experience, users can enter important form data without needing to navigate to a separate page.web-to-lead-example-demo The forms integrate directly with your Salesforce CRM system, and even allow you to add leads to designated Salesforce Campaigns.

There are endless different ways that web-to-lead capture forms can be used to enhance the mobile experience. They can be used by admissions staff reaching out to prospective students, recruiters at a career fair, sales teams in the field, or reps at a trade show. They can also be used to enable app-users to request a product demonstration, or more information about your organization or a particular topic, directly from your app.



This new block type is one of many new Collage features announced so far this year. Other recently announced Collage enhancements give users the ability to:

  • Incorporate seamless external HTML
  • Embed iframes
  • Include feed-based carousel cards
  • Quickly and easily build tables
  • Include map widgets
  • Create image galleries on the fly

All as part of the mix-and-match building blocks of various Collage screens.

To date, Modo Labs’ customers have used Publisher and the Collage screen type to create apps that engage students and employees during any event or activity, such as New Student or Employee Orientation, Employee and Prospective Student Recruitment, Open Enrollment, Admissions, Conferences, and more.


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