Introducing Theme Builder: The Most Powerful Mobile Theming Tool Available

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We’re excited to announce the launch of Theme Builder, a powerful new Kurogo Platform feature. Theme Builder, the most powerful mobile theming tool available, gives Kurogo app publishers the ability to create a new mobile app theme in just minutes by inputting two colors and a master logo or image. That’s it.

Upon entering two colors and an image, powerful back-end calculations will present six color scheme options, from Light Neutral to Balanced Saturated. Custom fonts can also be selected to further enhance a brand identity, and the single logo or image is automatically resized to fit all necessary screen requirements.

Once the initial theme is generated, you can fine-tune it even further in editor mode to adjust colors and fonts, specify custom fonts and images, and more.

Previously, developing a unique mobile app theme, required design and development assistance. For example, logos or custom images had to be created in a variety of sizes, and with all of the design options available, it could be time consuming to perfect a new theme. Furthermore, any theme changes required continued design and development support.

Now, with the release of Theme Builder, anyone—from IT to Marketing to HR—can quickly and easily create and manage any theme of their choosing right from the Kurogo Admin Console.

In addition, With Theme Builder you can easily create unique mobile experiences for different types of audiences. Simply develop multiple theme identities and apply them to various Persona or Location versions of your app.

Theme builder is an incredible powerful tool that empowers any one to effortlessly create one-of-a-kind beautiful mobile apps that reflect and enhance their brand identity

To learn more about Theme Builder, watch our webinar, “Show Off Your Colors: Watch Pepperdine Brand its Mobile App in Minutes.”


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