Introducing Collage: A New World of App Design Possibilities

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kurogo publisher collage

We’re excited to introduce Collage, a new upgrade to Kurogo Publisher, which empowers any user, including non-developers, to design remarkable, one-of-a-kind mobile experiences.

Unlike existing fixed-format products that limit users to a restricted template, Collage frees users and allows them to mix and match curated content and feed-based navigational items into any design imaginable.  Rich formatting options and a diversity of supported content types make Collage the most versatile Kurogo Publisher enhancement ever.

Collage block types include:kurogo publisher collage


Hero section containing background image, heading, subheading, and featured link


Content heading with a title and subtitle

Pull quote




Feature block with image and call to action link


Content heading with a title and deck


Hero section containing background image, heading, and subheading, located anywhere on the page


Full-width (non-inset) text/HTML containing an HTML table



YouTube video (full-width)




Twitter post



Links (navigation list)

And more to come


Take advantage of the variety of content block types available to create an experience that is uniquely you.

If you’re interested in learning more about Collage and best practices for Kurogo Publisher, watch our webinar “How to Wow Users with Your Mobile App: Best Practices for Kurogo Publisher.”

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can create beautiful campus apps using the Collage screen type within the Kurogo Publisher app assembly system, contact us at


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