Easing Your Office Relocation with a Unified Mobile App

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With success and growth comes an inevitable part of doing business that many organizations face: office relocation. The process can be both daunting to a company and distracting to its employees, but it doesn’t have to be.

Creating a unified workplace app centralizes all the information and resources your employees will need to navigate the transition. For many employees, this means a move from the legacy office to a new state-of-the-art office space that’s more modern and digitally focused, and oftentimes, in a new city. Keeping employees engaged and informed during the process is an important consideration.

In preparation for their headquarter relocation from Fairfield, CT to a multi-building campus in Boston, MA, GE partnered with Modo to create their GE@WORK workplace app. The app allows employees to log on via single sign-on and access essential resources such as indoor wayfinding navigation to reserving a mobile desk to submitting a support ticket and more. The app provided a unique and relevant mobile experience for employees and visitors by creating a digital communication hub with vital office information and local amenities.    

A simultaneous investment in people, technology, and the built environment requires an aligned approach in order to see the greatest impact for both the company and the employee. A mobile app can be a unifying factor across these areas, engaging employees as a key part to the success of your office relocation.

Learn how GE created a unified employee app that eased their relocation by connecting them to essential business and location-based resources, while minimizing disruption to operations and employee productivity. Click to read the full story.


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