Productivity in the Workplace: How Mobile Maps Can Help Employees

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Mobile apps provide a great way for employees to access up-to-date, real-time information at work. In particular, many large companies with sprawling campuses or numerous corporate locations are using mobile apps to help improve productivity in the workplace. Both outdoor and indoor maps are a natural fit for a mobile app so that employees can easily navigate while on the go.

Indoor maps on mobile platforms help employees be more productive.
Maps on mobile platforms help employees get where they need to go.

Indoor maps
Mobile indoor mapping solutions have come a long way in recent years. Including an indoor maps module in your company’s app allows employees to locate conference rooms, offices, kitchens, restrooms, or amenities such as printers. From their mobile devices employess can access and search floor plans for multiple buildings and floors, ensuring they can efficiently find what they are looking for, even on the go.

Integrating indoor maps into a central workplace app also allows the maps to be easily accessed from other modules, providing important context only possible through a robust native app. For example, if a meeting room has been changed, an employee may receive a notification with a link to the indoor map to help find the room.  Or an employee can look up a colleague in the directory module, tap on their office location and immediately find the office.

Indoor maps can also seamlessly integrate with a mobile corporate facilities solution, so that workplace issues can be quickly identified and logged for repair. For example, if an employee finds broken equipment or uncomfortable temperatures in a room, he or she can immediately report the exact location and nature of the problem (and even attach a picture) without ever leaving the app.

Indoor maps today are also easier than ever to administer which is good news for large organizations with numerous corporate holdings. Solutions like Kurogo Mobile Campus allow multiple authors, even those without any technical skills, to edit and update their indoor maps, making the maps easy to maintain.

And, perhaps most importantly, indoor maps within a corporate app can be made private. Public indoor maps made possible by Google Maps may work well for an airport or shopping mall, but many enterprise organizations require a secure solution. This can now be easily achieved by adding authentication or creating distinct public and private versions.

Outdoor maps
Outdoor maps modules make it easy for employees to navigate your campus and get from one building to another, as well as search, browse and bookmark special points of interest.

Like indoor maps, robust outdoor maps can be deep-linked to other features and modules within an app. So if an employee needs to find a colleague’s office in another building, they can search the colleague in the directory, tap on the office location pin, and go directly to the map. In addition, pathfinding features allow employees to get directions from their current location to their destination. Administrators can even create custom paths to improve traffic flow during construction projects or special events.

Mobile apps are an increasingly important tool for organizations to ensure that they are meeting the needs of a workforce on the move. Mapping solutions within a campus app for large enterprise organizations can improve productivity in the workplace by ensuring employees can quickly and efficiently find the rooms, buildings, and resources they need. And today, the process of building, maintaining, customizing, and optimizing those mobile map modules is easier than ever.





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