Engaging Millennials: 6 Ways to Stand out with a Workplace App

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Hiring and engaging Millennials can provide invaluable benefits to your organization: they’re optimistic and ambitious, full of fresh ideas, and eager to learn. That said, they’re also opportunistic; they view the world as a place full of possibilities and won’t jump at the first job offer that comes their way.

Recruiting and retaining the best young talent can be a challenge, especially when other top companies are also vying for their attention. How do you stand out when these prospects have other offers at their fingertips? And how do you keep them engaged and committed to your workplace after they’re on board?

How a Mobile App Will Help Attract and Retain Employees

Mobile has become the digital device of choice for young adults, but for today’s college students and recent graduates, it’s more than just a tool—it’s a way of life. Nearly three-fourths of the mobile-born generation admit they use their phones directly after waking up and before going to sleep. Their devices allow them to communicate, engage, and access a wealth of information.

While mobile is an essential tool, creating a responsive website is a great start, but isn’t enough. An app will take your recruitment and retention efforts to the next level by allowing you to share media-rich information, integrate data feeds and forms, and provide ongoing communication with your audience.

Designing Your Workplace App

A successful app for Millennials is more than a resize of your website. It creates a distinct experience that captures the user’s attention, highlights the benefits that are important to your audience, and encourages one to take action.

By implementing the following features into your app, you’ll create an enticing experience that informs and influences job hunters and employees alike.

  1. Be visual. Millennials are more easily bored by long blocks of text than the generations before them. They prefer visual experiences like those on Instagram and Snapchat. Posting company videos and photos in your app is an effective way to create an interesting and compelling story that gets users engaged.
  2. Create company transparency. Cashing a paycheck isn’t the only thing important to young Millennials. Finding meaning in their work is of extreme importance. Providing a clear outline about your company’s vision through blogs, company news, and social media feeds can help candidates better understand why they would want to work for your organization and how their areas of expertise can make a difference.
  3. Show that you care. Young people want to have an impact on the world, whether it’s helping underprivileged students at school or saving the environment. Showcasing your company’s socially-responsible or environmental efforts not only helps job seekers and employees envision how they could change the world directly through your company, but positions your brand as socially- and/or sustainably-conscious.
  4. Highlight work events and local amenities. Today’s employees expect more from their work environment than sitting in a cubicle and punching in and out of a clock. Company culture and convenience play important roles in a job seeker’s decision process. To entice and engage young workers, provide a calendar of company-sponsored events, outings and happy hours; and inform them of local and building amenities including nearby restaurants, local transportation, coffee shops, and fitness centers.
  5. Utilize mobile communication. Communication tools like push notifications and in-app banners are a great way to connect with job seekers and employees and increase app usage. Push notifications re-engage your audience with timely alerts, while in-app banners highlight new information for regular users. For example, when a new entry-level role opens within your company, a push notification can inform everyone of the opportunity.
  6. Make it easy to find and apply to careers within the organization. Upward mobility is important to millennials and a mobile app can make it easy to share information about new job opportunities. Rather than redirect users to third-party job apps, create an in-app form that allows them to directly submit their resumes and cover letters. Not only does this improve the user experience, but it increases your engagement time with applicants.

For Millennials, a job is more than just a job, and standing out is just as important for recruiters as it is for candidates. By including the recommended content and features for your workplace app, you’ll speak to young employees on their terms and deliver the information that matters most. Before you know it, your company can evolve into the type of organization where Millennials will flock.


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