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Smartphones are becoming the device of choice for many people, and organizations have a unique opportunity to use apps to engage their users in meaningful ways. Many businesses already have general employee apps providing information on shuttles, dining, key corporate news, and more. Organizations can add additional value to their apps through custom modules and standalone apps that support special events and programs.

Organizations that create mobile apps for their events can provide users with a media-rich app experience including videos, social tools, event maps, transit information and photos. Creating corporate event apps like these is easier than ever. Rapid mobile app development platforms are empowering different business units, like Human Resources, Sales, and Marketing, to create their own apps for key events, with little to no IT assistance.

Mobile apps can be easily created for any type of corporate event or program, but here are just five ideas to get you started.

1. Employee orientationcorporate-events-employee-orientation-cropped
New employees can easily become overwhelmed by the amount of information they are inundated with during their first few days at the office. A mobile app with maps, details on company policies, social tools to help workers connect with peers, dedicated training materials, and information on orientation meetings and events can help them quickly become more comfortable in their new workplace. Putting all of this in a mobile app lets users take information at their own pace, making it much easier for them to get acquainted with their new position and surroundings.

2corporate-events-enrollment-cropped. Open enrollment
Insurance plans can be complicated and difficult to digest. Because of this, open enrollment can be a confusing time for your employees as they try to understand their coverage options and make the best decision possible. A custom mobile app lets your HR team give employees dates for meetings and links to insurance information and similar resources. A native app also allows HR to send reminders through push notifications to facilitate communication about the enrollment process.

3. corporate-events-global-sales-mtg-croppedGlobal sales meetings
Sales meetings are excellent opportunities to get the whole sales force together to celebrate achievements and plan for the year ahead. With so many team members coming together, often from around the world, a mobile app can keep everyone connected and up-to-date on travel and logistics such as lodging and transportation. In addition, an app can provide session and event information with maps and schedules so everyone gets where they need to go on time and prepared.

4. Leadership eventscorporate-events-leadership-week-cropped
Corporate retreats, leadership seminars and similar events can build the foundation for your company’s future. Ensure that your company leaders have a smooth event by giving providing all of the essential details within an event app, from travel and accommodations, to the whole event schedule, to information about team-building and networking opportunities.

5. Corporate outingscorporate-events-summer-outing-cropped
Picnics, holiday parties and other company social events can create a sense of camaraderie and engagement among your workers. A mobile app will let you share videos to get people excited, use Push Notifications to send out updates on the event, and keep everybody connected so they know what’s going on and where.

A mobile app is an important way to keep employees fully engaged with your company and its events. Tools like Kurogo Publisher let a variety of business owners build an app with ease, without having to involve IT. The best event apps are integrated into a central workplace app and take advantage of central back-end data, like maps and other feeds, and can be easily updated, in real-time, without having to go through app store resubmissions. Business units are only limited by their creativity, as the mobile app platform empowers non-technical users to create powerful, content-rich mobile experiences.

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