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Keeping alumni connected and engaged with your campus after they graduate often comes down to reaching them at the right time, in the right way. Traditionally, alumni offices have used direct mail including newsletters, invitations to special events, magazines and similar forms of messaging to reach out to their alumni. However, an increasingly mobile-connected alumni population is more likely to be engaged by apps that can serve as a central hub for their continued campus connection. Integrating alumni-specific content into campus apps through dedicated alumni modules, Personas, or even creating a stand- alone alumni app, lets academic institutions strengthen  engagement opportunities with their busy alumni.

Benefits of a mobile app for alumni
As millenials graduate and become part of the workforce, colleges and universities must be able to engage them through digital channels. A well-designed alumni app can:

  • Ensure that alumni stay connected to the campus by sharing news, athletic and video feeds as well as social media channels
  • Provide alumni newsletters, event invitations and magazines in digital form.
  • Send relevant notifications, alerts and updates to alumni to keep them connected to life on campus.
  • Keep alumni informed about reunions and other important meet-up events.
  • Allow users to stay connected to each other with a mobile alumni directory.
  • Provide specific career opportunities for alumni.
  • Most importantly, provide alumni with a quick and easy way to donate and contribute to capital campaigns and even remind them of important deadlines with Push Notifications.

Give Alumni a personalized mobile experience
Keeping alumni connected to campus hinges on giving them content that is relevant without making them sort through information that is focused on current or prospective students. Today’s apps let you create Persona, or role-based, functionality for specific user groups and tailor the information and messages sent to those individuals. In this context, you can create an alumni Persona where you push out information on giving, special events like Homecoming or Reunions, and key news pertaining to the university community as a whole. Personas are housed within your central campus app, meaning that multiple personas can access the same back-end data and app-branding.

Building a custom alumni engagement app – anybody can do it
These advantages of digital communications through a mobile app are clear, so why isn’t every alumni offices using a custom mobile app? Complexity. Developing, hosting, managing and distributing a mobile app used to be incredibly difficult. Now, modern mobile app platforms are making it easier all the time, and Kurogo Mobile Campus for Higher Education is designed to give you a one-stop-shop to a simple, code-free development interface that lets non-tech users design and create an app with ease.

Mobile apps can hold the key to engaging alumni.
Mobile apps can hold the key to engaging alumni.

People are increasingly tied to their phones. As colleges and universities work to develop life-long bonds with alumni, mobile apps provide a natural connection point that can keep people engaged with relevant content. Media-rich content delivered via a mobile app, however, puts information as close to alumni as possible. A person can be reading an article and follow a link out to a donation portal on our website, for example, giving you a simple way to turn an initial connection into an opportunity for value creation.

Alumni offices need to reach their audiences in the most convenient way possible to keep alumni connected to campus and maximize the returns from communications. By engaging alumni through the campus app that recent alumni may have even used as students reached them on a the digital platform they prefer.


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