[CoreNet Global] Demystifying the Connected Office

Submitted by on Tue, 08/21/18

The connected workplace is a mystery to most. Whether it refers to the connections between people or systems or the environment, the connected workplace encompasses how how companies bring every point of connection together to support the success of both employee and employer.

“The connected office focuses on your mobile phone as the centerpiece of this strategy. It allows you to connect with the physical environment in the workplace.“ – Dusty Duistermars, Senior Managing Director, Global Corporate at Newmark Knight Frank

Here at Modo, we define the connected workplace similarly to Dusty, as a productive and collaborative space that brings the physical and digital environments together through mobile, for the people that bring it to life. Our platform has been a cornerstone collaboration tool for employers across a variety of industries to deliver effective connections between environments and people.

In a connected workplace, employees are introduced to new or renovated spaces and know which amenities are available to them,and where they can find the resources they need, the moment they need them. Through a guided approach to workplace utilization, the employer is set up to improve backend systems and processes without disrupting the employee experience.

Hear expert insights from Andrew Yu, Modo founder and CTO, in conversation with Dusty in the first podcast in a three-part series on the Connected Workplace. Learn more about the evolution of the connected workplace and gain a better understanding of mobile’s transformative role.


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