Create a Connected Workplace Fit for the Future

Maximizing employee engagement is a steadfast goal but one that remains elusive for many, as – according to the most recent Gallup Workplace study – 73% of American employees feel disengaged. With nearly 50% of today’s workforce working remotely, how do you increase engagement and make them feel connected?

Take the time to review workplace operations to determine if you’re maximizing existing enterprise resources and working at your full potential. Understanding the dynamics and level of employee engagement of your workplace environment is the first critical step in identifying opportunities for improvement.


All indications are that tomorrow’s workforce will be even more mobile than today’s. Extending a unified mobile experience that connects employees with the personalized resources they need – for both today’s needs and tomorrow’s – will position your digital workforce for a higher level of engagement … and success.

Increased workplace connectivity must be built from an agile platform that can empower organizations to not only meet but exceed employee engagement expectations.

To help navigate this journey, we’ve created a guide that provides the top 10 principles that can be used as a blueprint for transforming your workplace environment from a traditional model to one that fosters innovation, increased connectivity, and a deeper level of engagement and satisfaction for your extended team. Click to get the guide.


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