How Communication Makes or Breaks the Connected Workplace

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Today’s enterprises are challenged by the growing gaps between changing employee expectations and existing workplace realities. This is glaringly true in the disconnect between personal and corporate communications. In our personal lives, many of us check in with our social and messaging apps from waking till bedtime. These connections are fast, fluid, and highly personal in ways that provide everyday empowerment that users increasingly take for granted. In the workplace, by contrast, communications have generally lagged far behind this in-the-moment, personalized new reality.

This gap is forcing today’s organizational leaders to reevaluate employee communication channels. In an ideal world, communication in the workplace would be as dynamic and fluid as it is outside the office. Modernizing employee communication has thus become an essential step in creating a modern, connected workplace.

Email Outmoded
Today’s technology affords us options for communicating in creative ways rather than sitting at our desks shooting emails back and forth. Many of us dislike email because it’s one-sided and we’re inundated with it. It makes us feel restless especially when we know there are faster and more efficient ways to communicate such as instant messaging and texting. Email’s rigidity makes it difficult to foster an encouraging collaborative environment.

Organizations who have successfully developed a truly connected workplace offer engaging modes of employee communications that are less formal and more conducive to sharing ideas and showing support across teams and divisions. Attempting to communicate an important company initiative? Modo Communicate™ within Modo Workplace™ offers a number of mobile communication options including push notifications, in-app banner messages, or SMS via a mobile app. Schedule each of these in advance, in addition to your traditional email, to break through the noise of email proliferation and ensure your message is heard.

Dynamic Collaboration
The same organizations who are leading the cultural shift in internal communications understand the critical need for effective collaboration. A recent leadership study by Deloitte revealed that only 14% were completely satisfied with their organization’s present ability to communicate and collaborate. In fact, 65% of the same leaders said that addressing communication and collaboration challenges is a critical strategic priority for them.

Forbes said that one of the 12 habits of highly collaborative work organizations is that they “integrate the flow of work,” meaning they make it easy for collaboration to fit into what you are already doing. A mobile workplace transforms organizations by creating an easy “front door” to all of your company information, systems and sites. Bring your people and technology together into one place and enhance mobile collaboration with Modo Workplace™.

Generational Drivers
While there is a lot of analysis and studies on Millennials, your communication needs to appeal across generations. Millennials are now moving into management positions and recruiters are turning their attentions to appeal to Generation Z, the first generation to be born into a completely digital world. Generation Z employees are described as multi-taskers who are self-professed device addicts. Many Baby Boomers, on the other hand, are trying to bridge the technology knowledge gap with their younger colleagues. The mix of generations is as much a driver of the communication shift as the digital appetite of any single group.

A mobile workplace app can bridge the varying communication needs of your diverse workforce by streamlining your system communications. Integrate third party systems and data sources into your Modo app to send communications based on existing data. These communications can range from a reminder of an upcoming benefits deadline to an invite to your company’s all-staff holiday party. Next, figure out how your communications are received by measuring generational behavioral differences with Modo Analyze™ and learn how you can better meet your employees’ communication needs in the futures. Let search terms, traffic to popular content and popular devices guide your next communication optimization.

Create a connected and empowering workplace with a mobile solution that will meet, and likely exceed, the expectations of all of your employees. Modo Workplace™ is your on-demand solution to delivering the content that each member of your work community needs.


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