Collage Enhanced with iframes and Seamless External HTML

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Seamless External HTML (mixed with a Collage hero image and Collage text/HTML block with custom CSS)



We’re excited to introduce new enhancements to the Collage screen type, within the Kurogo Publisher App Assembly System. These enhancements enable any non-developer to seamlessly and quickly incorporate live external web pages, web applications, pre-built app modules, and data feeds into a single comprehensive, feature-rich mobile experience.

Collage, a powerful extension to Kurogo Publisher, enables users to mix and match custom content, Kurogo mobile app modules, and feed-based data, information and media, into a highly curated and unique app experience. The latest enhancements to Collage provide users with even more options. Now users can also incorporate live external web applications and pages into an original, custom app, making Collage the most versatile mobile app assembly tool available. This new functionality empowers any organization, even those without mobile-optimized webpages, to quickly and easily take advantage of their existing web assets and integrate them seamlessly into targeted, feature-rich and mobile-friendly presentation.

New enhancements available in Collage include:

  • Seamless External HTML
    Users can now incorporate live external HTML from existing web pages or “content-as-a-service” systems directly into a Collage screen. The external HTML is processed, re-formatted and re-themed by the Kurogo server, so that the external HTML becomes an integral and seamless part of the Collage-based screen and native mobile app. Kurogo automatically updates the mobile app screens to reflect any changes made to the external source.
  • iframes
    iframe (OpenStreetMap, mixed with a simple Collage hero title, text block, feature block, and links block)

    iframe (OpenStreetMap, mixed with a simple Collage hero title, text block, feature block, and links block)



    External web applications that depend on Javascript and complex CSS can now be embedded as iframes within any Collage screen, preserving the external web application’s formatting and functionality. The ability to easily embed interactive web applications dramatically increases the flexibility of app assembly while enabling a broad new range of screen-level user experiences.

  • Carousel Cards
    Any carousel card, including those driven by external feeds, can now be included as a new block within a Collage screen. These carousel cards can include news, social, video, photo, and calendar inputs and will update themselves automatically whenever new data or content is added to the feed. Visually, the cards are immediately re-sized for the screen based on how many inputs are included within the card block, ensuring a polished fit and beautiful display.


To date, Modo Labs’ customers have used Publisher and the Collage screen type to create apps that engage students and employees during any event or activity, such as New Student or Employee Orientation, Employee and Prospective Student Recruitment, Open Enrollment, Admissions, Conferences, and more.

“These new enhancements to Collage and the Publisher App Assembly System underscore Modo Labs commitment to empowering every customer, no matter their level of technical skill, to create mobile apps for almost any purpose.” said Stewart Elliot, Modo Labs, CEO, “However, unlike light-weight quick app builder products, apps created on our platform are deeply integrated with a customer’s information systems, and become an integral part of an organization’s digital strategy. With Kurogo, customers can repurpose previously-created web assets, including both responsive and non-responsive webpages, and combine it with many other information sources all within a native app experience, to tell their story in a compelling manner and style.”

Publisher 2.4 is required.

To learn more about Collage, click here.


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