How Capital One is Transforming the Employee Experience – for Mobile and Beyond

Submitted by on Mon, 11/18/19

If you’re future-focused, you’re creating a digital workplace that boosts employee engagement and the employee experience. But that’s no small feat when your employees are dispersed across geographies.

That was the situation facing Capital One. Complicating matters was the fact that its internal IT resources were stretched thin, as is the case with most large corporations.

The company rose to the challenge and connected its employees with essential business applications and location-based services. And it did so by agilely developing an enterprise-wide, mobile workplace app called @Work.

Download the case study to learn:

  • How the company’s Workplace Solutions group found a solution that mobilized important functions
  • What enabled Capital One to deploy a complete workplace mobile app quickly, with limited IT support
  • The features available for each of the major US offices via @Work
  • How the app has simplified the workday for its global associates
  • Ways Capital One plans to expand the app going forward

Download the case study to learn how Capital One is transforming the digital employee experience, now and in the future.


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