Using Mobile to Address on Campus Food Insecurity

Submitted by on Mon, 11/25/19

Many campuses offer a mobile app that connects students with the most commonly used resources, such as transit schedules, faculty/staff directory, campus maps, emergency services, and the like. But some campuses and student teams are thinking outside the box to deliver even more value to their student bodies. One shining example is an app on a California campus designed to address food insecurity.

Unfortunately, many college students are going hungry. In fact, a recent government report estimates that food insecurity among college students has grown to as high as 50 percent on some US campuses. To help bridge the gap between wasted meal swipes and those who need them, a California student created an award-winning app.

Considering the high percentage of students affected by the hunger issue, it’s quite likely an app like this would fill a big need on your campus. Download our guide to understand the 7 steps you can take to create a Food Insecurity app to help highlight the growing trend and address the need on your campus.


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