Know the Pros and Cons of Choosing to Buy vs. Build Your Campus App

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Today’s digital-first students assess your school’s digital sophistication as they choose which college to attend. As part of that, they expect you to provide them with convenient access to information about your school and campus resources. Considering the amount of time US adults spend – and the number of apps they use – on their smartphones, the obvious choice leverage that access is via a campus app.

The next choice is whether you develop the app yourself or buy an off-the-shelf solution. It goes without saying that there are pros and cons to each approach. The question is: Are you aware of all the pros and cons – and the newest option when it comes to deploying a mobile campus app?

We’ve done the research and packaged our knowledge into The Essential Handbook for Choosing to Buy vs. Build Your Campus App. Download it for insight into the:

  • Latest mobile app growth trends
  • Pitfalls of point solutions
  • True cost of in-house app development
  • User experience that can make or break your app
  • Best way to avoid technical debt, and enjoy fast time to market and higher value over time

Download the guide today and learn how to make your campus app the cornerstone of your digital transformation.


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