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Creating unique brand awareness and brand affinity for your institution has never been more important. With a plethora of college options, a craze to apply to multiple schools before selecting just one, and a willingness to transfer elsewhere after the first year, competition to enroll and retain students is high. Showcasing your college brand to potential students early and fostering student loyalty through engagement touchpoints is crucial to not only hitting your institutional goals but also for increasing student success and completion.

Let your brand shine through communication channels that can cut through the noise and meet current and prospective students where they already are—on their phones. Building a highly-customized, beautifully-branded mobile campus app can support your goals engagement and loyalty. Here’s how:

When you think about how institutions pull in large applicant pools for a limited number of spots, brand awareness and recognition rise to the top. In an era where prospective students frequently apply to a large number of institutions in order to spread their chances of admission, l ensuring that you are reaching a large number of prospective students while targeting those that could be a good fit for your campus is critical.

Many institutions are turning to mobile to offer students an inside look into what it’s like to be a student at their college. Because mobile doesn’t have to rely on proximity to an institution or availability of desktop technologies, it can be incredibly useful for reaching communities that may never have considered attending your institution. For example, Texas A&M offers a prospective student persona view of their mobile campus app, powered by Modo Campus™, to reach all types of prospective students, from local to international. With the tailored view, prospective students can take a virtual tour, learn more about student traditions, and even check their application status. The app not only serves as a centralized hub of information, but also gives prospective students an opportunity to engage with dynamic brand content, without having to commit to a physical trip to campus.

Alongside great content offerings and features, ensure your campus mobile app displays your brand in the best light. Are you a small liberal arts institution with a big focus on creativity, or is one of your big campus draws the sporting events? Project the brand image that will resonate with the students who will be the best fit at your institution. The Rhode Island School of Design prominently features rotating student artwork in the app, in line with their brand as an art and design school.


Engaging with your brand is easy when it can all be done at the touch of a fingertip for current and prospective students, staff and faculty, alumni, and other campus groups.

Bring together content streams into one easy-to-access centralized location, featuring social media feeds, blogs, news, video, and more. Send push notifications with campus updates or new blog releases, keeping your stakeholders informed with your most engaging content. Create special event modules to enhance physical experiences around campus events like Preview Weekend, Commencement, Homecoming, or Parents Weekend. Special event modules have the added bonus of driving app downloads and traffic, giving you an entry point to further brand engagement with these users.

Relevance is key to maintaining brand engagement and avoiding fatigue. With Modo Communicate™, ensure your communications are relevant to the audience by tailoring based on persona view and scheduling push notifications for when they are most timely. Looking for additional personalization in order to increase engagement? With Modo’s myPersona and Communicate, you can tailor and target your content using any known user attributes, giving all individuals a customized way to engage with your brand. Learn more about increasing brand engagement through mobile communication in The Ultimate Guide to Strategic Communication.

Maintaining brand loyalty requires continually offering value to campus groups. A mobile campus app can help you ensure all campus groups are aware of your unique campus offerings, and how they can maximize on them.

Help students take advantage of learning opportunities by lowering the barriers outside of the classroom. In an era where financial aid and paperwork hampers enrollment and learning, make institutional processes easy to navigate. Work across departments with the financial aid, finance and enrollment offices to send push notification reminders when paperwork in due, updates on application statuses, and more. When students are successfully navigating campus systems, they are better able to take advantage of positive experiences that are unique to your institution. You’ll become known as the school that prioritizes learning and supports students in being successful on campus.

Going further, equip students with the tools for success on campus with tailored modules and communications when they need a little extra support. Communicating about tutoring programs, study groups, or setting up a meeting with the advising office can help catch students that are struggling with coursework before they’re at risk of failing a class or dropping out.

Once you have the basics covered, like a financial aid and enrollment system that really works, start working towards making the student experience fun and engaging. Promoting campus events, initiatives and news through push notifications and in-app banners helps to foster a campus community that makes people want to come back. When campus groups are active and engaged on campus, either through physical or mobile experiences, they are more likely to keep returning for more, and to stay involved in your institution for years to come.

Your most valuable brand ambassadors are your students and alumni. Engage them across the entire college journey—their success on campus is your brand success. Request a demo today to see how mobile can support your goals.


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