2015 Kurogo HigherEd User Conference Videos

Submitted by on Thu, 05/28/15

A big thank you to the host, University of Notre Dame,  sponsors (Apperian, DoubleMap, GreyHeller, and Radius Networks),  and attendees who made the 2015 Kurogo HigherEd User Conference a great success! 

Here are some of the conference videos. We hope the materials will be helpful as you chart your university’s future mobile direction.

Mobile Trends
Presentation by Andrew Yu (CTO & Founder, Modo Labs)

What’s the Point?
Presentation by Dr. Melissa Harts (Dean of Institutional Technology, Pasco-Hernando State College)

Publisher Power
Presentation by Eric Kim (VP of UX , Modo Labs)

Student/Citizen Development
Presentation by Matt Willmore (mobileND Program Manager, University of Notre Dame);
Nikita Shamdasani (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill);
Waleed Johnson, Kyle Koser, Zach Waterson (University of Notre Dame)

Marketing and Promoting Your Mobile App
Presentation by Beth Pfefferle (Director of Marketing, Modo Labs) and Morag Charlton (Sales Engineer, Modo Labs)

3 Minutes of Fame: University of Notre Dame
Presentation by Matt Willmore (mobileND Program Manager)

3 Minutes of Fame: Belmont University
Presentation by Paul Chenoweth (Web Programming Services Manager)

3 Minutes of Fame: California State University, East Bay
Presentation by Dan LeGate (Analyst/Programmer)

3 Minutes of Fame: California State University, Northridge
Presentation by Kate Sharron (Sr Analyst)

3 Minutes of Fame: Colgate University
Presentation by David Terrazas (Web Developer)

3 Minutes of Fame: Dallas County Community College District
Presentation by Dan Luciani (Associate District Director, Educational Technology)

3 Minutes of Fame: Fitchburg State College
Presentation by Julie LePoer (Mobile Webmaster)

3 Minutes of Fame: Sacramento State University
Presentation by Jeff Dillon (Director of Web Services)

3 Minutes of Fame: West Chester University
Presentation by Michelle Ortner (Web Specialist)


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