Integrations and partnerships are core to our vision, and to our customers' success.

Modo has always engineered our products for extensibility and scalability. This approach enables virtually unlimited third-party technology integrations to meet a broad range of end-user needs and institutional goals. It also offers flexibility for our partners to develop and deploy value-added Modo-powered solutions tailored to specific markets and customers.

Technology Integrations

Beacons Emergency Facilities Management Gamification HR Systems Indoor Maps
LMS Outdoor Map Polling & Survey Real Time Availability Single Sign On SIS
Smart Buildings Social Tour Transportation Video


Use Bluetooth beacons for internal locations, wayfinding, and communications.


With communication tools inside the Modo app, be able to engage users when necessary during times of emergency.

Facilities Management

It’s important to know what is working and not within your facility.  Work with Modo to see how often areas of campus or the workplace are being utilized and allow users to report when something is broken or needed.


Incorporate badging and rewards into your campus or workplace app to create a unique and engaging app experience for your users.

HR Systems

Provide users one location for their day-to-day needs, where they can access learning and development, benefits and more. Empower your HR department to understand user behavior to make informative decisions when engaging with employees.

Indoor Maps

Simplify how your users navigate through your office or campus with customizable indoor maps.


Whether delivering courses to students or onboarding new staff, streamline the user’s ability to access the learning materials they need, when they need them.

Outdoor Map

Make it easy for users to get around with outdoor maps. Help them find a well-lit route when walking to a bus or where to find nearby parking.

Polling & Survey

Gather meaningful feedback and make it actionable. When combined with Modo Analyze insights, the unique perspective of your user base can provide the most holistic answer to how your organization can improve workplace or campus experiences.

Real Time Availability

Give your users the power to know where they can learn, eat, park, and even do laundry, right at this moment.

Single Sign On

Integrate your existing authentication solution for a seamless user experience across all of your systems. Modo’s SSO support also extends to participating web applications, eliminating the need for users to re-authenticate to each web app.


Provide students easy mobile access to your SIS to support their success at your institution. With full SIS integration, allow students to check grades, pay tuition, and more on-the-go.

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Smart Buildings


Users want to be in the know with easy access to social media. Give users a seamless social media experience across all types of communication channels.


Give easy access to employees, visitors and students by offering tours of your workplace or campus.


Mobile app users expect to know where to go, when they need to be there and how to get there. Allow them to access ride-sharing, public transportation and more.


Give users the ability to view videos from what’s new to training. Engage with them through rich media to keep them coming back.

Featured Partners

As a member of Modo's Partner Community you can...

Increase market share and brand awareness
Combine forces with Modo to extend your reach and increase your sales support through marketing campaigns, events and more.
Integrate any data source
Modo’s platform includes over 100 turn-key integrations, from simple news, calendar, media, and social feeds to complex transactional SIS, LMS, and ERP systems.
Collaborate to deliver excellence
Strong customer experiences are top priority for Modo and strategic partnerships are just as essential to success. Partner with Modo to deliver best in class service, training and networking.
Optimize with a leading mobile platform
Creates a seamless experience for your users. Aggregate and organize decentralized data from enterprise systems.
Unify with flexible integration options
Bring together a broad range of features and capabilities, with multiple integration options combining best of breed systems for a unified mobile experience.
Develop innovative extensions and solutions
Modo’s mobile platform fosters the creation of innovative extensions, for developers and non-developers alike, to quickly and easily accommodate ever-changing mobile needs.

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