Watch Why Notre Dame Students Love Their Mobile App

(courtesy of the University of Notre Dame)

"This app is an excellent resource. It encompasses the full university experience—all in one place. I am impressed by the flexibility of the app. I love the way that it's tailored to meet the distinct requirements of current students, faculty/staff and alumni."

William & Mary Student

“TEDx[FoggyBottom] was a major success with the app being a major component throughout the day! It was simple and easy to use - I don't think there was a single complaint from our attendees.”

Daniella Morrison, Student, the George Washington University

"The new CSUN mobile app makes life much easier. All the information I need for a productive day is in the palm of my hand. I can add and drop classes, use the interactive map to get around campus, locate professors or get my course assignment-anywhere I happen to be, day and night."

Cal State, Northridge, Student

"Amazing! Beautiful interface. Info is short and sweet. Not only helpful in the sense that it helps you save money, but also brings all the things a student needs into one place. No more searching."

Harvard Student

  • One Solution for Everything

    Our platform does all the hard work of integrating data of virtually every type into one complete campus solution, allowing deep links between modules for the kind of functionality that drives adoption and usage. Anyone can find a course or event, then get there on time by using seamless links to directories, maps, transit or anything else. Soon your app will be the ultimate campus resource and you’ll be providing a dynamic experience users can’t live without.

  • Always Mobile-Optimized

    “Mobile-optimized” apps are the only thing we do. It’s not about retrofitting your website. It’s about creating experiences specifically for mobile, that offer users what they want, when they need it.  Users can seamlessly access important information related to any aspect of their campus experience, while never leaving the app, and take action, quickly and intuitively.  App-only features like push notifications and geolocation also dramatically enhance user engagement.


  • Smart, Modern User Interface

    The right amount of context… All the navigation you need… Type you can actually read… It sounds simple, but users are continually challenged by mobile sites and apps that just don’t get these basics right. Our apps are designed from the ground up to be used by people on the go.


  • A Personalized Experience

    What if employees or students could walk into a building and your app presented information relevant to their current location, like notifications, indoor maps, news and the dining menu? Or alumni could instantly find alumni event information or the ability to donate? Using Personas and Locations, you can quickly create unlimited mobile app experiences for any type of mobile user, like applicants, employees or alumni.

The only way to believe what our platform can do is to see it in action.

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