Fortune 500 companies world-wide are transforming the employee experience with Modo Workplace™. Discover how these companies select our proven enterprise solution that will evolve your digital strategy and deliver value for years.

Everyone knows that mobile is critical for communicating and engaging with employees. Yet building and maintaining a mobile solution may seem daunting. Most mobile platforms are costly, require IT support, and are time consuming to implement.

With Modo Labs, time-consuming and expensive development projects are a thing of the past. Business owners at top enterprises are now quickly and cost-effectively creating engaging mobile solutions for employees that improve communication and productivity. Using our solution, they’ve created employee apps that enable their company to communicate important messages and native device notifications anywhere and anytime, and with a personalized mobile experience. These apps also allow employees users to access employee information, company news, benefits information, indoor maps, dining information and more. Large multi-location enterprises are providing personalized, context-based information based on based on who they are, and where they’re located, through advanced geolocation and persona features. Non-technical staff can dynamically add app features and extensions for any company event or program, without resubmitting to the app stores, making the app the workplace’s central hub for useful, current and actionable information.

Our Partners

Modo Labs is partnering with innovative companies, such as Salesforce, Okta, Marketo, GreyHeller, AWS, Uber and more. Enhance your mobile app with our proven integrations that streamline workplace processes. Modo’s open API allows for ease of set up and with our partners you can amplify your digital strategy quickly and easily.


“We wanted to become as digital as the product we sell which is where GE@Work comes into play. [We went through] a major move from an 80s, some would say 70s, office in Connecticut to one conducive to today’s modern work environment in downtown Boston. Now we are looking to do this throughout the company across all locations.”

Kaity Lambracht, Technical Project Manager, GE

Case Study Transforming the Employee Experience with A Mobile App for the Workplace

Learn how one Fortune 500 financial services company improved communication and productivity with a mobile app that met the needs of employees spread throughout its numerous corporate locations.

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