The Leading No-Code Platform for the Workplace

Modo Workplace® delivers the features and functionality your campus needs, all through an easy-to-use platform that enables you to quickly drive development.

One Unified Management System

Through one centralized solution, communicate effectively, iterate quickly, and delegate across departments. The App Center brings together everything you need to launch and manage a mobile workplace app to success.

  • Manage app content and deploy new features
  • Schedule and send communications with Modo Communicate™
  • Personalize experiences through personas, myPersona, and more
  • Use data from Modo Analyze™ to inform future enhancements

The Functionality Users Need

The platform is designed to deliver the resources employees need, whether they are an office or remote worker or always on the road. Choose from an extensive list of modules based on the specific needs of your campus and student body. Integrate the systems you are already using on campus, from payroll and HR to room-booking and wayfinding, into one unified access point for all need-to-know information.

Discover a partial list of the modules and functionality available for you to customize to deliver what your campus needs most.

  • Facilities – Maximize usage and allow employees to report any issues so that they can get fixed early on.

  • Room Reservation – Allow your employees to book conference rooms through the app on-the-go.

  • Food Services – What’s for lunch? Including cafeteria menus, options from the local area and more in the app.

  • Events Calendar – Ensure employees are taking advantage of company outings or building events with an accessible calendar that brings them all together.

  • Transit – With shuttle tracking and up-to-date transit schedules, help your employees get to work on time.

  • Parking – Provide real-time information on parking availability so that employees can focus on what really matters.

  • Indoor Maps – Help new employees and visitors navigate the workspace and find rooms with indoor mapping.

  • Tours – Virtual tours of the workplace are a great way to show off your office and attract new talent.

  • Orientation – Mobilized New Employee Orientation with everything they need to know for a successful career ahead at your company.

  • Training – Deploy mobile for team training sessions, professional development events, and global kickoffs.

  • Benefits – Integrate your HR systems to make sure employees are maximizing their benefits.

  • News – Communicate company updates by pulling news feeds into the app, so that employees are sure to see them.

  • Social Media – Make it easier for employees to share company news on social media by putting social media feeds in the app.

  • Emergencies – Push notifications are the most effective way to reach employees in case of emergency. Integrate your emergency system in the app to keep employees informed.

  • Notifications – Deploy push notifications to ensure your employees aren’t missing anything and get information when it is most relevant.

  • Email – Email notifications in the app give employees one launching point to access all relevant communications.

  • Messaging – Allow employees to opt into messaging channels around specific areas of interest, like a wellness or parents channel.

  • Survey – Micro surveys, deployed within the app, are a great way to get quick feedback on new company initiatives or areas to enhance your mobile strategy.

Return to the workplace with confidence: Be WorkReady with a no-code employee app built in hours.

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