The Proven Solution for Mobilizing Student Success

Modo Campus® is a complete mobile solution that allows you to quickly and easily create college or university apps that engage prospects, students, faculty, staff and alumni. Build and deploy your unique mobile experience to engage students at all points in the journey, from recruitment to commencement and beyond.

  • Deliver a Unified Hub of Crucial Information

    Bringing together all of your existing systems into one mobile ecosystem through 100+ data-connectors, Modo Campus® centralizes your digital strategy rather than simply adding to the pack.

  • Personalize Engaging Student Experiences

    With the ability to layer personalized features through personas or any known user attribute, connect every individual with the information and resources they need most.

  • Communicate in Real-Time

    From individualized or role-based messaging, to opt-in channels and emergency communications, ensure everyone on campus is getting communications when they are most relevant.

  • Accelerate App Creation and Iteration

    The no-code platform allows you to build quickly, deploy once across native apps and multi-platform web, and deliver increased features, functionality, and value over time.


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