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Decide today to enhance your digital strategy and live up to your workforce’s expectations of the modern workplace. Deploy your Modo Workplace™ app next week with out-of-the-box infrastructure and unparalleled integration capabilities. Deliver value for years by intelligently evolving mobile experience that drives employee success and continuous workplace innovation.

Rapidly Personalize Experiences. Establish meaningful connections between the employee and the workplace. Combine internal and publicly available assets and data sources, distribute content creation to local site experts and owners, and comply with your Enterprise’s security standards and products.

Crowdsource Employee Expertise. Empower business leads to rapidly create and deploy new mobile app features, create and update content, and deploy communications without requiring technical expertise. This agile approach of constant improvements facilitates increased workforce adoption and significantly reduces IT project costs.

Transform Your Connected Workplace. Demonstrate the brand’s commitment to the workplace with aggregated access to all relevant workplace applications, content and communications in one centralized resource – your mobile app. Compliment, magnify, and measure the value of real estate, facilities and other transformation investments.

Globally Deliver On Demand Engagement. As you scale these experiences across your office locations, give employees a renewed sense of ownership in their day with on demand information. No matter where they are, from work travel to remote workers, offer a go-to-resource that connects them with their workplace and fellow employees.

Evolve your mobile-first workplace to seamlessly transition employee experiences between their home and work life.

  • Agenda – Specialize a calendar with personalized schedules for single or multi-day event, such as conferences and tradeshows.

  • Calendar – Enable staff to search, view, and add events to your devices native calendars.

  • Directory – Empower users to search and immediately link to contact information for employees.

  • Documents – Mobilize employee handbooks for onboarding, standard operating procedures for training, online HR forms and registration, and more.

  • Emergency – Alert employees and visitors with critical notices for weather or building safety.

  • Events – Have a special company event that requires unique attention from visitors and will help engage employees? Create an event app in hours instead of weeks or months.

  • Facilities – Quickly report and resolve building issues by allowing anyone to report from a mobile device with a photo of the issue.

  • Feedback – Stay engaged by collecting employee suggestions and feedback directly in your app.

  • Fitness – Promote workplace wellness with easy to locate fitness centers using maps or pathfinding with in-door maps.

  • Food – Ease the process of finding what and where to eat or planning meals ahead of time with access to cafeteria hours, menus, and more.

  • Indoor Maps – Welcome remote workers and contractors and provide ease in navigating throughout the office, facilities, printers, conference rooms, and more.

  • Maps – Extend your workplace experience beyond the office with nearby points of interest that are searchable, browsable and bookmarkable. Pathfinding creates routes you want staff to follow

  • Messaging – Instantly send push notification or in-app banner messages to stay connected with your users and announce or alert important updates.

  • News – Enhance company transparency by keeping employees informed with the latest news from multiple news feeds.

  • Parking – Guide employees and visitors to save time and reduce stress with real-time information on parking space availability.

  • Photos – Visually engage your workforce by sharing photos from company events. Easily integrate with Flickr and Instragram.

  • QR Codes – In a snap, mobilize their phsyical surrounding with access relevant information on the go, dependent on where they are and what they’re doing within the workplace.

  • Social – Amplify employee advocacy by announcing company promotions and encouraging social sharing with in-app options to share via Facebook and Twitter.

  • Tour – Deliver a rich, interactive mobile walking tour to show candidates and visitors. Include photos, audio, video, and text for each stop.

  • Transit – Ensure everyone can get to the meeting on time with easy viewing of bus or shuttle routes and schedule with optional real-time GPS tracking.

  • Video – Boost video views by providing mobile access to your company’s video content on YouTube, Brightcove or Vimeo.

Rapidly develop and deploy a personalized workplace experience that boosts employee engagement and productivity.

  • Deploy

    Combine company data sources, internal or external, into out-of-the-box building block modules. Aggregate access across existing workplace systems with native linking or directly integrate third-party apps with our open API. If your employee hasn’t downloaded your employee performance app yet, take them directly to the app store and download page.

  • Create

    Develop your content strategy and select a layout and design to deliver the information employees are seeking. Publisher, more commonly known as our Library of Awesome, gives you template options to get started creating immediately. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Create a custom version in theme builder, no coding required. Personalize the experience by tailoring content and communications within the app based on different users by location or the employee role.

  • Manage

    Oversee app security by settimg up and monitoring app owners across the company. Built-in flexibility allows you to customize permissions and fully protect your data.

  • Delegate

    Crowdsource business expertise by delegating content creation and app iterations to local site owners. Allow eager millennials to build new app modules for wellness or key features that meet the needs of their generation.

  • Communicate

    Harness the power of mobile communication. Send personalized messages, schedule notifications in advance, assign authoring and approval permissions across your organization.

  • Analyze

    Measure what matters most with real-time user behavior insights and trends. Curious what employees search for most? Check out the top search terms and intelligently enhance your app to meet their evolving needs.

  • Specialize

    Build new modules or create a stand-alone, stand-out app for special events, such as conferences, retreats or anniversaries. Develop a unique micro-app experience promoted within your workplace app that has a special look and feel to engage employees.

  • Enhance

    Our community is here to support you as you evolve your app. From our dedicated customer success team to our workplace best practice blog, we’re here to help you transform your app as you transform your company.

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