The Kurogo “Mobile-Optimized Middleware™” Platform

Multi-faceted mobile websites and native apps. The “Mobile-Optimized Middleware” aggregates and organizes raw, decentralized data sources from your enterprise systems and delivers them to your apps. At its core, Kurogo includes the most powerful hybrid engine in the market, automatically tailoring your mobile screens to native experiences. The combination of connectors, business logic, presentation templates, companion native apps and APIs, which have all been created specifically for mobile, is what makes Kurogo the leading mobile platform.

The Platform also includes device detection software, so it can identify and optimize for over 10,000 device/OS/browser combinations. Modo Labs regularly invests to extend and enhance this device detection capability, as we add new device types, browsers, and operating systems.



“From a technology perspective Kurogo was the ideal solution due to its ability to help us develop our CSUN mobile app quickly, yet still integrate with our many types of complex data, and allow us to develop our own extensions in the future-a ready option with the Kurogo platform.”

-Hilary Baker, VP Information Technology, California State University, Northridge

The only way to believe what our platform can do is to see it in action.

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