Advanced Indoor Maps Module

How do your users get around your sprawling campus, sometimes with hundreds of buildings and floors? Add an Indoor Maps module to your Kurogo Mobile Campus app to enhance the experience and increase productivity.

Modo Labs’ Indoor Maps module is designed to meet the specific needs of universities and large corporate campuses. You can:

  • Integrate indoor maps into your central campus app for a deep integrated user experience. Easily link from other resources to find indoor locations, all without leaving your app.
  • Give non-technical “authors” the ability to create, maintain and update map content with simple web authoring tools.
  • Keep sensitive locations private. All maps can be securely protected from the public domain either by adding authentication or creating distinct public and private versions.
  • Browse and search indoor map content from your main mobile campus app.
  • Allow users to seamlessly comment or report problems about a particular location through deep integration with our Facilities module.



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