Event Apps for Any Occasion

Planning an event for your company or organization? A mobile event app will help boost audience engagement and improve the attendee experience. With Publisher, you can create custom apps in a matter of hours, no technical experience required.

Whether you’re a college or university connecting with prospective students, current students or alumni, or you’re an enterprise targeting employees or customers, there’s a solution for you.

  • Campus event apps – Create apps for any of your college or university events, including new student orientation, commencement, move-in weekend, fundraising activities, and more.
  • Meeting apps – Keep attendees organized at global sales meetings, open enrollment, and other during workplace activities.
  • Conference apps – Share conference room and exhibit hall maps, speaking agendas, and other important information at your conferences and trade shows.

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Use Publisher for unlimited design options for your event apps. Or choose from these pre-built modules.

  • Calendar – Enable anyone to easily search, view and add events to your device’s native calendar.

  • Feedback – Collect user feedback right in your app.

  • Forms – Collect important lead and customer information, like name and contact information.

  • Indoor Maps  – Attendees can find exhibit halls, meetings rooms, and emergency exits on fully interactive indoor maps.

  • Maps – Make it easy to navigate your events. Create maps with points of interest that are searchable, browsable and bookmarkable. Use pathfinding to create routes you want users to follow.

  • Messaging – Need to communicate last-minute event changes? Instantly send push notifications or in-app banner messages with important announcements.

  • Parking – Help event attendees save time and reduce stress by providing real-time information on parking space availability

  • Photos – Share photos from your event. This module integrates with Flickr and Instagram.

  • QR Codes – Share important news, announcements, and other content about your event. Attendees can access information on the go.

  • Social – Engage attendees during your event through aggregated social media feeds.

  • Transit – Integrate bus or shuttle routes and schedules with optional real-time GPS tracking, ensuring everyone gets to your event on time.

  • Video – Provide mobile access to your video content on YouTube, Brightcove or Vimeo.

Create unique, one-of-a-kind event apps with any of our screen types, no coding required.

  • Collage – Our newest and most flexible screen type.  Create rich, varied content and navigation assembled from different types of modular content blocks. Learn more.

  • Spectra – Navigation screens with a unique, eye-catching design.  When the user touches the screen to scroll, a semi-transparent scrim covers the entire screen and reveals secondary descriptive text for each navigation item.

  • Basic Springboard – Simple navigation screen presenting navigation items as a grid of labeled icons. Can include an optional hero image.

  • Big Idea – Highly visual navigation screen featuring a single major call to action, with secondary navigation items in a pull-down menu.

  • Card Navigation – Mixed static and feed-based content in cards of various sizes, within a highly visual layout.

  • Newspaper – Highly visual navigation screen with a small set of primary navigation items, plus a small set of optional secondary navigation items.

  • Form – Simple, flexible screen for gathering information from your users.

  • List Navigation – Navigation screen presenting navigation items as a list of text links. Offers much richer visual styling than the Basic List screen type.

  • Content – Simple text-based content with minimal styling. Can also be used for basic navigation screens.

The only way to believe what our platform can do is to see it in action.

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