How to become a distributed campus or workplace

We have created this Coronavirus Resource Center to help you keep your students, faculty, staff and employees safe and connected as you shift to a distributed workplace and campus experience. We will share learnings from our robust community of mobile leaders and continue to update this site with best practices and essential tools to keep everyone safe, informed and engaged.

  • Letter from our CEO: Our response to COVID-19 and commitment to providing services to support your business and the higher ed community.

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    See our customer best practices, the new COVID-19 Starter Kit, and webinars and blogs below, more updates to come…

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    • Starter Kits for Modo Campus & Workplace Apps — available at no additional cost

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      We are continuing to build complementary out-of-the box starter kits that allow our customers to rapidly adapt their campus and employee app experience to the ever-changing circumstance in the era of COVID-19.

      The starter kits include a framework and professional designed screens that can be deployed instantly to inform and engage employees and students alike, from crisis communications, to virtual tours and events like commencement, to driving engagement and to our newest kit for engaging admitted students.

      COMING SOON: Starter Kits to support health and wellness, new student orientation and employee on-boarding, and returning employees to the workplace.

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    • Best Practice Use Cases

      See how your peers are adapting to the rapidly shifting conditions of the Coronavirus and learn how these mobile leaders are harnessing the power of their employee and campus app to keep everyone safe, informed and engaged.

      Customer Spotlight
      University of Findlay:
 Engages and retains incoming students with mobile
      In the midst of unprecedented upheaval, colleges and universities are seeking effective ways to keep current and admitted students engaged. University of Findlay found a solution in the mobile app it launched four years ago using the Modo Campus platform.
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    • How to Become a Distributed Campus and Workplace


      We’ve prepared guides and webinars for you to watch at any time on how to use your campus or workplace app to keep everyone safe, informed and engaged.

      15 Plays for Driving Admitted Student Engagement
      In the midst of unprecedented upheaval, colleges and universities are seeking effective ways to keep current and admitted students engaged. University of Findlay found a solution in the mobile app it launched four years ago using the Modo Campus platform.
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    • Enabling Remote Learning

      Remote Learning – Bridge the Digital 
Divide with a Campus App
      It is essential for educators to leverage tools their students can currently access and support all coursework through this challenging time. A mobile campus app is an essential tool to facilitate digital learning and keep your most at-risk students on track.

      In support of remote learning, the Modo Campus platform meets the requirements of CARES Act funding. With Modo Campus, a proven no-code campus app building platform, you can quickly create and deploy a digital experience for your mobile-first students that connects them to the LMS, SIS systems and all the campus resources they need to succeed.

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      Infographic: Digitally Attract, Engage and Retain Admitted Students
      The digital admitted student experience can help motivate incoming college students and show them that their institution is proactive about the situation and will quickly iterate to support them as needed.
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      The New Normal: How a Campus App Can Facilitate Remote Learning For The Distributed Campus Experience
      In the new normal, students and employees have the need to feel part of the organization but without the social interaction or the campus facilities, the spirit and feeling part of the organization can become a challenge.
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      How a Campus App Engages The Admitted Class and Keeps Students Healthy
      Institutions support their students’ beyond their academic journey with mental and health services to ensure they are set up to succeed. A companion campus app serves as a hub for everything campus life has to offer and can keep mobile-first students on track both academically and personally.
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      Benchmark your School’s Fall Plans Status Against These 50 Schools
      Your college’s app is the new campus, and your workplace app is the new office; how can you reimagine the experience and make sure your users feel part of their community and continue to thrive?
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      Key Learnings from the Modo User Group Community
      Our first roundtable discussion took place April 2nd and included agenda topics such as online or virtual commencement activities during COVID-19 and maintaining student retention up.
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      4 Key Principles for Effective Crisis Communications
      Learn how a comprehensive communications strategy can minimize risk and keep employees connected, informed, and safe.
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      Social Distancing via Digital Payments Made Easy
      Digital payments in today’s world are no longer just about convenience, but a way to stay safe.
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    • News

      April 2:
      Education IT Reporter, Long-Term Effect of Covid-19 on Education Technology
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      April 21:
      Business Wire: Modo Labs Releases Free Rapid-Deployment Tools for Universities During COVID-19 Including Crisis Communications, Virtual Commencement, and Admitted Student Engagement
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