What’s a Mobile Micro-Moment? Mobile Trends You Need to Know

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Recent studies show that we are now in a mobile-mostly world, in which more than 50% of all time spent online is in mobile apps.[i] In fact, people spend nearly 90% of our mobile time[ii] in native apps, not in mobile web browsers—a number which has been steadily increasing for six consecutive years. So our mobile-mostly world is overwhelmingly a mobile-app world.

Given this accelerating trend in mobile usage, what do you need to consider to best engage your end users through your apps?

1. Mobile experience is part of a greater whole. People will jump from one device to another to accomplish a single goal, and increasingly, are interacting with more than one device simultaneously – be it the television, a phone, a PC, or a tablet.

2. People use different devices differently. As people move between devices, their measurable usable patterns show that they’re performing different parts of an overall task on different devices[iii], and interacting in markedly different ways on different types of devices. Overall, mobile interactions tend to be bursty, spontaneous, actionable, and on “found time.”[iv] Given these different usage patterns, it’s important to optimize the end-user’s mobile-specific experience, rather than trying to build a one-size-fits-all experience.

3. Design with mobile micro-moments in mind. Big platform players are now pushing users to expect efficient, highly mobile-optimized experiences, dubbed mobile “micro-moments”: brief interactions through which apps can capture the attention of a user and meet their needs in just 5-10 seconds.[v] It’s critical to note that these micro-moments are largely native app moments, so with a web-only approach to mobile you’ll miss out on the definitive trend in how people are using their mobile devices.

While this sounds complex, don’t be afraid of mobile development. Next-generation mobile platforms, like Modo Labs’ Kurogo Platform, allow even non-developers to quickly create beautiful mobile apps, optimized for different types of device types and platforms, and push them out across multiple devices and platforms at once.

In this new, mostly-mobile world, the winners will be those who are able to provide engaging cross-device mobile experiences that meet customers in their mobile micro-moments. Don’t get left behind by sticking with one-size fits all solutions that simply can’t deliver what today’s consumers want, when they want it.

Dive deeper by downloading our white paper, “Mobile Trends You Need to Know…or You’ll Be Leaving Users Behind,” by Modo Labs’ VP of User Experience, Eric Kim.

If you’re interested in learning more about a next-generation mobile platform for your organization, please contact info@modolabs.com.


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