Sustainability in the Workplace: Why an App Matters

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As our concern for environmental issues grows, so does our awareness of sustainability in the workplace. As a result, more organizations are evaluating their impact on the planet and how they can pursue actionable business practices to make a difference.

According to Harvard Business Review, becoming a sustainable business is an involved process that requires a commitment from leadership and the involvement of stakeholders. As organizations develop their sustainability strategy, many are choosing to utilize a common tool to help achieve their goals: a mobile app.

Communicate with Customers and Partners in a Sustainable Way

Enterprise organizations are turning to apps to educate and share information with their green-friendly corporate clients and partners. The benefits of this mobile technology is that it can:

  • Cut down the print collateral. From marketing material to policy documents, you may have delivered thousands of print pieces to all of your customers and partners. If an error is made or updates are needed, it’s back to the printing press. By using a workplace app instead, you’ll impress stakeholders by leaving the waste behind and sharing important documents and information electronically.
  • Provide information about your sustainability efforts. Your app can serve as an informational tool that educates audiences on any topic, including your pro-environmental business practices. If, for example, your company is rolling out an Earth-friendly design in all office locations, updates and news about the process can be shared in a company blog and featured within your app. Push notifications can be used to alert app users of any new content.
  • Position your company as an innovative problem solver. Mobile is the device of choice for end users, and apps are the primary way they consume information while using this technology. Despite this, not enough businesses are integrating mobile into their marketing and communication plans. By creating a mobile app, you’ll stand out from the crowd and get a step ahead of the competition with your innovative and sustainable practices.

Engage Employees with Your Internal Sustainability Initiatives.

In addition to influencing your clients and partners, it’s essential to also make an impact on your biggest brand ambassadors: your employees. With a workplace app, you can communicate your sustainability initiatives, all while improving employee retention and recruiting.

Today’s employees, particularly Millennials, are searching for meaning in the workplace. Their decision to work for a company or stay in a job role isn’t solely based on their day-to-day duties. They want to know that their employer is making a difference, and workers want the opportunity to make an individual impact on their communities.

A sustainability module within a broader workplace app can educate your employees about your company’s sustainable business practices as well as highlight ways they can get involved.

Your sustainability app or module may include:

  • A message from your CEO. Your leadership can speak to why sustainability is important to the company and the actionable steps that are being taken.
  • Ongoing communications. Use push notifications and in-app banners to notify employees of new information and to keep them engaged.
  • Rich-media content. Post videos, photos, and blogs that highlight the company’s sustainability efforts.
    Social media feeds. Share feeds from the sustainability division of your company to encourage engagement and sharing among employees.
  • Forms. Include volunteer forms within the app for those employees who want to take action.
  • Sustainability resources. Your employees don’t just want to see that their company is making a difference—they want to make an impact as well. Share information on company recycling, hydration stations, and green-friendly transportation like LEV/EV parking, Zipcar, and bike shares.
  • Sustainability calendars. Provide employees with schedules and locations for local farmers marketers as well as sign-up dates and deliveries for farm shares or any other local efforts.
  • Company impact measurement. Activity trackers have become popular tools for people to measure their actions. By including a company carbon footprint and/or recycling tracking dashboards in your app, employees can follow the company’s progress and feel connected to any improvement.

Who said saving the environment wasn’t easy? By creating a mobile app for your employees or customers, you provide practical information for your users, all while creating sustainable business practices that can help change the world.


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