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Mobile devices in the workplace are the new normal and mobile apps for employee communication and productivity are a great solution to keep everyone connected with vital information relevant to their workday. Mobile apps for the workforce need to provide employees with quick access to key functions and have simple navigation for high productivity and improved communication. Yet, until recently it was difficult to create a distinct mobile experience for different users of an app, such as employees spanning various roles, responsibilities and physical locations. Creating personalized mobile experiences typically required either separate apps or extensive programming by developers at significant costs. The good news is that today, with minimal IT resources, companies can quickly and easily create one app, with centralized data and branding, that seamlessly provides the specific information that each user requires.

Kurogo allows users to gain personalized experiences from one central resource.One central app, many personalized experiences.

Employees, management, human resources, sales, and IT have different needs and require quick and easy mobile access to different information. The Sales team needs easy access to sales decks, marketing collateral, and product specs; human resources professionals, on the other hand, might need policies, procedures, or benefits information at their fingertips; while senior managers might need access to information about a special management retreat.

Companies with apps for their workforce can provide access to all of this information within one mobile app so that employees can access it on the go, from their device of choice.  However, companies can also improve the employee’s experience, by establishing different Personas within the app. Employees can self-select their app Persona based on their role–whether it’s by department or hierarchical–and then have easy access to only the most relevant information.

Companies can also choose to send push notifications only to certain Personas. For example, if there’s been a change to the location of the manager’s meeting, only those with their app set to the Manager’s Persona would see the alert.

Locations operate on the same principle as Personas, but rather than creating role-specific versions, users receive a personalized experience based on their geography. Location-versions allow companies to provide information specific to each office such as the local shuttle schedule, dining options, or appropriate indoor maps.

Similarly to Personas, push notifications can be sent only to certain Locations. This is useful because not all alerts and notifications apply to employees in every part of the country or across the globe. If it’s snowing in Boston, an office closure alert can be sent  only those employees in Boston, instead of individuals working in San Francisco.

To help employees traveling between offices, companies can set up their app so that employees manually select their location, or they can take it a step further by employing geofencing technology. Using GPS data, the app can detect the physical location of an individual, and either automatically change the app’s Location to the nearest office, or present the option to change Location.

One Fortune 500 financial services company recently established Location versions of its app for its hundreds of locations across the world, allowing the company to provide location-specific information such as building maps, parking information, and local amenities. Soon, the company will be utilizing geofencing to automatically deliver the correct app Location based on the employee’s physical location.

Central Management, Local Maintenance
Today’s technology makes it easy to create apps with different Personas and Locations, without employing expensive developers. Organizations can quickly deploy various personalized versions of an app – it is still one central campus app. The branding, common features, and all of the back-end data sources are singular. Yet, the Persona or Location-specific information can also be centrally managed, or updated and maintained by local staff or certain departments.

Mobile apps are a great way for organizations to improve communication with employees. In many cases, a one-size app does not fit all, yet luckily new technology today makes creating a personalized mobile experience easier than ever.




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