More Collage Enhancements Make it Easier than Ever to Include Tables, Map Building Blocks, and Image Galleries in Your App

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We’re excited to roll out even more new enhancements to the Collage screen type within the Kurogo Publisher App Assembly System that give users, including non-developers, additional flexibility and ease-of-use when creating unique mobile experiences.

Table-Building Tool
The table-building tool will allow any user to quickly and easily add tables to any Collage screen within their app, without requiring any HTML coding.

Map Building Blocks
Map widgets will now enable users to include maps as blocks within a Collage screen. The maps can show a region or a single point of interest and can link to a full map view. The maps also have the option of drawing on an existing KML map feed.
maps-small maps2-small

Image Galleries
Image galleries can now be included as blocks within Collage screens. Additionally, users now have the option to create image galleries through direct uploading of the images, in contrast to drawing on an existing image feed.

Collage, a powerful extension to Kurogo Publisher, enables users to mix and match custom content, Kurogo mobile app modules, and feed-based data, information and media, into a highly curated and unique app experience.

Other recently announced Collage enhancements include: the ability to incorporate seamless external HTML, embed iframes, and include feed-based carousel cards within Collage screens. Additional enhancements and features will continue to be rolled out throughout early 2016.

To date, Modo Labs’ customers have used Publisher and the Collage screen type to create apps that engage students and employees during any event or activity, such as New Student or Employee Orientation, Employee and Prospective Student Recruitment, Open Enrollment, Admissions, Conferences, and more.

To learn more about Collage, click here.


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