Printer, Parking, and Laundry Tracker: How to Mobilize Campus Resources

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The “mobile-born generation” expects to get what they want in their immediate moment of need. Universities are meeting this demand by providing apps that allow students to accomplish important tasks via their mobile device.  Most schools started their mobile apps with features like campus map, directory, bus tracking, and others that were designed to help students get around the campus. Gradually, schools have been adding more features to help students do more on their mobile apps. For instance, many schools are now mobilizing LMS and SIS systems so that users can even register and enroll in classes on their phone.

Yet, students, visitors and others on your campus still face many frustrating, time-consuming tasks.  Anyone who has been to a college is unfortunately all too familiar with the following scenarios.

  • You’ve dragged your laundry down three flights of stairs and across the quad only to find all the machines occupied. Or worse, you’ve returned to find all your clean laundry removed from the dryer and on the floor.   
  • You’ve been up all night and your paper is due.  But your printer won’t print and you’re in trouble.  How do find an open computer lab and an available machine?

The good news is that your mobile app can now easily help busy students and visitors save time and reduce stress.  Forward-thinking universities are using their app to mobilize the availability of important campus resources, like laundry machines and computer labs.  Only a few years ago, developing apps to track resources would have been a time-consuming, costly proposition.  Now, tools like the Kurogo Platform makes this possible because any back-end data can be quickly and easily integrated into your campus app via existing APIs.

Emerson College offers aEmerson Labs Stats2Emerson Lab Stats module in its main campus app that shows the availability of computer labs through a seamless integration with LabStats software.  Students can check if a computer lab is open, see how many computers are currently available, view any previous reservations, and easily link to a map within the app to find the find the exact location of unfamiliar buildings.

Fitchburg Laundry 2SimilarlyFitchburg Laundry, Fitchburg State University will soon release a module that shares important information about laundry facilities through integration with the LaundryView Monitoring System.  The module acts as a laundry tracker, allowing students to check whether a washer or dryer is available and see how much time is left in a cycle, all from the comfort of a dorm room.

Soon, real-time information on parking space availability will be available in another institution’s mobile app.

These examples illustrate a few of the ways you can make your app an indispensable tool that solves very real problems on your campus. With the recently released Kurogo Resources Availability Module, any type of resource can be quickly mobilized and in no time your app can provide up-to-date, actionable information that makes living, learning and working on your campus effortless.

If you have a resource you would like to mobilize for your campus app, please contact

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