Keeping Pace with the Mobile Takeover on Campus [Infographic]

Submitted by on Wed, 02/24/16

Smartphones and tablets are everywhere. Sit down on the bus, walk down the street or check out the break room in your office, and chances are you’ll find at least a few people using one of these devices. Do the same thing on a college campus, and you’ll find the vast majority of students and visitors glued to their mobile devices.

With mobile playing an increasingly central role in our lives, academic institutions need to rethink the way they engage prospective students, current students, faculty, alumni and parents. Smartphones and tablets are already dominant parts of the college campus, but this is just the beginning. Wearable devices and the Internet of Things advances are on the horizon. Schools that get ahead with custom mobile apps now can be well positioned to respond to future demands and create a positive experience for all of their audiences.

Still skeptical? This mobile trends graphic details the degree to which mobile devices are transforming the higher education sector and explores how the industry will develop in the next few years.






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