Improve the Career Fair Experience with a Mobile App

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Mobile apps are becoming important communication tools on university campuses. Students are attached to their smartphones and expect to be able to access important information related to campus life while they are on the go, from the dining menu to special event information.

At the same time, Career Services staff at higher education institutions face a challenge communicating with students about career fairs and other recruiting events. Because students rely so heavily on their mobile devices, and because career fair information is constantly changing–companies sign up late, locations and schedules change and last minute announcements need to be made–a mobile app is a great way to connect with students about the event and ensure it goes smoothly.

maine-maritime-career-fair-phoneMobile apps shorten the end-users’ distance to their goal because they serve up only the most relevant content in a quick, easy-to-digest manner. Mobile apps dedicated to a Career Fair only contain need-to-know information that can be accessed with a quick tap while on the go. The information in a native app can be updated in real-time, so there’s no more waiting to print paper brochures, and information can be made available well in advance of the event. In addition, native apps offer features that take advantage of mobile devices’ inherent functionality. GPS tools can be used to provide maps and directions. Push notifications and in-app banners can communicate time-sensitive information with visitors such as locations or schedule adjustments, or simple reminders of upcoming events.

Creating a career fair app
With the right tools, anybody can create an app for a campus event, including non-technical staff in the Career Services office. Here’s how to enhance your career fair with a mobile app.

  • Give students key details, such as where the event will be held, who will be attending, and what they need to bring.
  • Include background information on the companies attending so students can do their research. To make the fair a productive experience for students, they’ll need information about potential employers. You can to link out to company websites or create profile pages within the app to give students the information they need about the companies attending. With a mobile app students can also easily bookmark the companies they are targeting.
  • Provide details on the positions companies are looking to fill. Students should be able to go into the career fair and know what kind of applicants different employers are hiring or the majors and work authorizations required.
  • Maps – Upload an indoor map of the meeting hall to show how booths will be laid out at the career fair. For maximum efficiency, link company profiles to the booth placements so students can easily find their target companies.
  • Presentation and Interview Schedules – Will the fair have guest speakers, workshops or similar sessions? Give students these details in the app, allow them to create their own custom schedule, and they’ll have them on hand at all times.
  • Notifications – Use Banner Messages and Push Notifications to alert students of any changes in the event or important news that comes up during the day.
  • Career Advising – Career planning doesn’t happen in one day.  Create a permanent Career Advising app that becomes a central resource for all career related information on your campus. Include resources on career planning, upcoming professional events and workshops, internships and job postings, interviewing tips and more.

Putting all of this information in a mobile app ensures that students will have convenient access to the information they need for a successful career fair visit. A mobile app gives you all of the tools you need to create a career fair experience that will leave students and participating businesses in the best position to get the results they need.

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