Improve Field Staff Communication Using a Mobile App

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Communicating and engaging with field workers, like truck drivers, hotel workers, and retail associates, is a challenge for numerous organizations. Not all of these off-site employees have a work computer, and many don’t even have a company email address, which makes the distribution of timely and critical announcements extremely difficult. Furthermore, because they work off-site rather than at a corporate office, they may feel a disconnect with their company; or in some cases, less job satisfaction than other workers. In fact, turnover is four times more likely with hourly workers, who are often field workers, than those who are salaried.

How do you stay connected with employees you rarely, if ever, see face-to-face, and how can you boost their engagement with your organization?

The Solution: A Mobile App

A mobile app is a convenient and efficient solution for engaging with workers on the go. Your employees, no matter if they work in a factory or in the corner office, own a smartphone. With a mobile app, they’ll always have the most important and latest workplace information at their fingertips. Meanwhile, your administrators can easily configure and deliver this information in a matter of minutes—or even seconds.

Make Information Sharing Easy

Within your app, you can share the information that matters most to your field workers. By delegating administrative privileges across the organization, you can reduce the burden of just one person or one department delivering all information. For example, human resources can post content, including benefits information, training and operating procedures, and the employee handbook. Meanwhile, the internal communications team can share corporate announcements, company news, or the company blog.

Your company may even enable employees access to pay stubs or company product and pricing information. If anything shared is sensitive in nature, you can add a layer of security to your app via tokens or single sign-on credentials.

Facilitate Workplace Communication

Do you need the ability to communicate with off-site employees in a timely manner? For instance, if a construction site is closed due to inclement weather, how do you get the word out as soon as possible? Or how do you ensure that employees who are checking into your app are discovering new information?

Push notifications make it easy to alert your workforce of important and timely messages. Meanwhile, in-app banners that appear within your app can alert regular users of new information.

But what if you need to reach a subset of workers, without burdening your entire employee base? Today, mobile communications can easily target workers based on locations, roles or particular attributes. For instance, a delivery company could target push notifications to drivers in Germany or to all plant managers across your company.

Mobile apps also allow you to take advantage of other important phone features like beacons and QR codes. Beacons are low energy bluetooth devices that can be placed throughout your facilities to trigger specific notifications. By utilizing beacons, a retail company could, for example, send communications only to workers who entered the store. Or QR codes could be placed in strategic locations, allowing employees to scan and receive detailed information, such as food truck schedules, job postings, company news, and more

Boost Employee Engagement

Acknowledging employees’ accomplishments can boost workplace morale and engagement. Within your app, create an employee spotlight module that highlights your exceptional workers. You may choose to make this module available to the public to enhance your company brand.

If you want to gather employee feedback, consider integrating a survey to find out what’s keeping your employees happy and how you can make improvements. You can even add a feed of employee reviews.

By human nature, we all have the need to feel a connection with others, even in the workplace. A mobile app fulfills your employees’ basic needs, even when they’re not at the corporate office location. This technology enables employees on the go to feel connected and engaged to their organizations, and in the long run, become more productive workers.

To learn more about how a mobile app can improve employee engagement, watch our on-demand webinar on field worker communication.


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