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A strong alumni presence and community can strengthen your institution’s brand and value. When students graduate, it should be easy for them to stay connected to each other and your institution. Traditional social media outlets, however, require them to do the legwork—hunting down friends, looking for contacts and searching for event dates. A strong mobile solution will help you create an information hub where they can get everything they need to stay connected and where you can directly communicate with them.

Improve alumni engagement by tapping into the mobile solution:

Increase Alumni Engagement at Special Events

Early promotion for events like homecoming and alumni weekend will give graduates the time they need to arrange their schedules and book hotels. Let them know which restaurants will have food specials, which bands will be playing, how to navigate new road construction, when game time is and how to find parking lots. Provide in-app discounts at local vendors to those graduates who have already made an alumni gift that year. Modo Campus™ makes it easy for you to build and deploy special event modules within your campus app, and these modules can be easily switched out after the event ends. MyPersona within the Modo mobile app platform allows you to directly connect with alumni with personalized communication, versus the direct communication you might have with your students or staff.

Provide Continuing Career Development Resources

The career services office is one of the most important amenities of your campus. Show off your investment by providing alumni access to career support and your built-in university network. Make it easy for current students and alumni to connect. Good networking is what will help most graduates land jobs and get exposure to career professionals. “When the professional is an alum, the connection can be stronger and result in even more opportunity for internships and mentoring. A mentor can guide and answer career questions throughout your career,” according to Forbes. Show users that long-term investment in career development is a cornerstone of your institution by making it easy for them to leverage the alumni and student network, and access career services support.

Communicate Regularly with Alumni

Keep alumni engaged throughout the year so that they do not lose that sense of connection. Inform them of improvements to the stadium, advertise merchandise sales, and post articles from the student newspaper. With Modo Campus™, social media feeds and a blog module are centralized within the app, making it easy for users to access the latest news. Take it a step further and send targeted and relevant push notifications. You can even automatically tailor messaging based on specific user attributes, such as current city of residence or what they majored in. For example, let Spanish majors know about an upcoming event at the Spanish consulate in their city that other alumni are attending—it’s relevant, exciting, and shows that you’re interested in continuing to connect.

Make Alumni Giving Easier

The Association of Governing Boards says that most of the large donations ($1 million or more) given to higher learning institutions are preceded by an average of 15 to 20 years of smaller annual gifts to that institution from the same alumnus. “Further, when an alum makes his or her 15th annual gift, the probability of him or her leaving a large portion of his or her estate to an alma mater, according to our analyses, increases by 80 percent.” Instilling a philanthropic commitment from your graduates early will ensure a loyal community of funders in the future.

Simplify the giving process to make annual gifts a part of every recent graduate’s personal alumni tradition. Give them easy access to your giving platform and keep them informed through push notifications and event reminders. Is the end of the fiscal year coming up? Send them an alert to get their annual gift in. Are you raising funds for a brand new engineering building? Reach out directly to engineering graduates with personalized messaging, reminding them of good times and asking them to support this new initiative. Keep them updated on progress towards the fundraising goal, and be sure to send photos when the new building is open to the public. Your mobile app makes fundraising and recognizing donors seamless.

Help Alumni Groups Organize

Formerly, getting a group of alumni together required a well-manned phone campaign. This strategy was dependent on a bank of energetic and available volunteers willing to spend hours on the phone. A strong mobile solution makes it simple for former students to find each other without relying on awkward cold calls. Empower group leaders to form opt-in channels for specific regions, allowing alumni networks in cities where graduates congregate to operate efficiently and independently. With Modo Campus™ Opt-In, users will only receive communications they specifically request, meaning you can rally Boston residents to an upcoming student hockey game without spamming alumni across the country.

Modo Campus™ is easy to use, requiring no technical skill, allowing you to distribute responsibility for alumni outreach. The best candidates are those who still have a strong connection to your institution and show enduring enthusiasm that will motivate others to engage. Promote your new mobile offerings and campus events clearly. Let your alumni charisma, not their grunt work, attract new users.

A strong alumni presence will enhance your institution’s reputation and culture, and a mobile app will support increasing alumni engagement. Decide today and deploy tomorrow—but first, start by requesting a demo.


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