Going Green? A Mobile App Can Help

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Sustainability on college campuses is a growing priority for higher ed institutions, and finding ways to keep students aware of these opportunities to go green is critical in finding success. Luckily, on university campuses, students are using smartphones on an almost constant basis, and a mobile app is a great way to provide reminders of sustainability initiatives that get students to embrace a greener lifestyle.

notre-dame-sustainability-game-day-recycling-250At a minimum, many schools are using mobile apps to eliminate paper from their different student events and programs, like for New Student Orientation or Admitted Students Weekend, to name a few. Other schools are going even further and using their mobile apps as a central hub for all sustainability-related initiatives.

Some schools create a culture of sustainability that puts an emphasis on going green throughout the year. Others hold special events aimed at making students more aware of what they can do to help the environment. Whichever strategy you choose, you can use an app to help engage students in your sustainability initiatives.

Efforts at the University of Notre Dame and Colgate University highlight the different ways schools can incorporate information about sustainability into their existing campus app:

Notre Dame’s Sustainability Drive
The University of Notre Dame emphasizes consistent, year-round sustainability efforts through a dedicated module that provides students with diverse types of notre-dame-sustainability-2-250information provided through media-rich content, built-in maps and similar tools. The sustainability module includes:

  • A guide to recycling during football games and information on the impact it can make
  • Information on what can be recycled – and where – so students aren’t confused about what they can put in recycling bins.
  • Details on car shares and special parking access for low emissions or electric vehicles.
  • A virtual tour of “green” locations throughout campus
  • Social media feeds from the school’s sustainability department
  • A dedicated events calendar highlighting sustainability-focused campus and local events

Going green at Colgate University

At Colgate University, a special 13 Days of Green event is held to showcase colgate-13-days-of-green-250different ways students can use campus resources and follow sustainability best practices to have a positive impact on the environment. The institution holds a variety of special programs during the event, and uses the app to distribute information regarding these opportunities. The app includes a full schedule of what students can expect during the 13 days and details on how they can get involved in promoting green best practices on campus.

Deploying a sustainability app
With the right tools it’s easy to include information about sustainability within your campus app. No-code tools enable non-technical teams, like those working in Student Life or on dedicated Sustainability teams, to participate in app creation and expansion. Students turn to campus apps for information and features from what’s for lunch to signing up for courses, make sustainability information just as easily accessible by including it in your app as well.


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