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Campus calendars are filled with events, from the big ones, like Commencement, to the smaller ones, like weekly open mic nights. No matter the event, mobile apps are a great way to share details and keep students connected to all the activities at your university.

New mobile app assembly platforms have empowered marketing, admissions, student affairs staff, and even students, to quickly and easily create apps for any campus event. MARCOMM-147-245x294Many universities have realized the importance of a centralized mobile app for transit, dining, and course registration, but a great way to make these apps sticky and keep users coming back is to add dynamic real-time event modules.

Colgate University has been a leader in creating apps for it’s many events. According to Dave Herringshaw, Digital Production Specialist at Colgate, “The ability to make this content available through the app is key for making students and others aware of the event and keeping them engaged. During an event, we get many more page views on the app than we ever did through our website.”

Why an App for Campus Events?

  • Native apps provide only the most relevant event information, engaging users by providing immediate access on-the-go, superseding the experience of even a responsively designed website.
  • The best campus event apps providepush_umass_move-in real-time information by enabling you to instantly publish new modules and updates across all mobile channels with no app store resubmissions.
  • They can be deployed as a stand-alone app or integrated as a module into a centralized campus app.
  • With one tap, campus event apps engage students with maps, social media feeds, videos, photos, transit information and more—meaning they have access to everything they need to know in one centralized location.
  • Campus event apps give you the ability to send push notifications, providing an immediate form of communication with end users


What Events Could You Make an App For?
With the right tools, you can make an app for virtually any campus event or program. Here are just a few ideas to get your started:

  • New Student Orientation – Help your newest nd_commencementstudents get off on the right foot with an Orientation app featuring maps, schedules, and a checklist.
  • Commencement – Share the schedule of events, shuttle and parking info, weather, live steams, and more with students and visitors alike.
  • Family Weekend – Keep the whole family informed with campus info, including a map, parking, and the schedule.
  • Move-In – Provide custom Move-In day directions around campus. Share a checklist and schedules to keep students and parents organized.
  • Homecomingmaine-maritime-homecoming-smallWelcome alumni back to campus. Share news about the big game and offer ways to donate.
  • Admissions – Reach prospective students with information about campus, programs, and information request forms. Add a module for Newly Admitted students, to give them all the information they need to make their final decision.
  • Reunions – Connect alumni and share travel details, the schedule of events, and ways to donate.
  • Sustainability Initiatives – Go green and get the whole campus on board with details on recycling and special events.
  • Fundraising Eventswm-orientation-smallExpand the reach of raffles, tournaments, dinners and other fundraising events.
  • Career Fairs and Recruiting – Connect students and employers with easy-to-use apps focused on student recruitment.


In the past, mobile projects could be cumbersome and time consuming and it was virtually impossible for non-technical staff to quickly create apps for the many different events on their campus. Today, using no-code app development platforms it’s easy for anyone on campus to quickly create mobile apps for any campus event and keep students engaged on the path to success.

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