Beacons In Your Office Enable Proximity-Based Communications

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What are beacons and how do they work?

Beacons are great way to engage employees and office visitors with highly contextual messages. They are low-energy Bluetooth devices that send proximity-based notifications to mobile devices with appropriately configured mobile apps. Because they are proximity based, they can be used to send hyperlocal messages to anyone navigating your corporate campus or offices.

Messages can be set for specific time frames and the device’s proximity radius can be adjusted, ensuring that any messages received are relevant to the user in that exact moment of time and place.

In addition to sending notifications, beacons also receive a “ping” from devices with Bluetooth-enabled compatible apps. This “ping” can be used to get a picture of the number of devices in proximity to the beacon and determine things like crowd size or line length.

Are you thinking of developing a beacon notification strategy at your office? Here are a few ideas to get your started:

  • Building or Campus Features
    What makes your workspace unique? An architectural feature, an LEED certified building, or a spot within a building with special meaning? Place beacons in each of these locations so that when employees and visitors are nearby they receive a notification that can take them to full details within your app
  • Welcome Notifications for Special Events
    Hosting an onsite meeting with employees or guests from out of town? Place a beacon at your office entrance to welcome everyone.
  • Important Reminders
    All-hands meeting today? Remind employees as they walk through the door.
  • Dining Specials
    Does today’s lunch have a special theme? Is everyone’s favorite dish on the menu today? Alert anyone entering the cafeteria.
  • Parking Inventory Alerts
    Place beacons at various parking structures and send a message as drivers approach – if the lot full? Under construction? Room on the 4th floor?
  • Indoor Location Guidance
    Place beacons throughout your office to provide “blue dot” where-am-I information to app users.
  • Scavenger Hunts
    A fun team-building activity – set up a series of beacons and get everyone to visit each spot to win a prize.
  • Nearby Vendor Deals
    If local restaurants, coffee shops, gyms, or dry cleaners offer special deals to your staff, set up beacons near the entrance so that when employees walk past they’ll receive an alert about 10% off, one free beverage, or other promotions.
  • Guided Campus Tours
    Beacons can be set at each tour stop along the way. Notifications can alert users that they’ve arrived at the correct destination, and provide a deep link to more information on each stop within their campus app.

The beacon devices are quite small, and waterproof models also exist, so the options are limited only by your creativity. These hyperlocal messages are a great way to engage your staff and visitors to your workspace by connecting them to their physical surroundings in a very digital way.


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