Modo Labs was founded in 2010 by Andrew Yu and a team of mobile developers from MIT. This team created the original MIT Mobile Framework with the vision to enable college students to easily create compelling, rich mobile websites and native applications using data and content from university back-end systems and other data repositories. That framework became Kurogo, a mobile-optimized middleware platform. In Japanese Kabuki Theater, Kurogo means the “stagehand” who serves the main characters in the background. Similarly, Kurogo works in the background to enable the rich mobile apps.

Modo Labs was formed to productize Kurogo and expand the original vision – to enable anyone to easily access any back-end data and quickly create amazing mobile campus apps. Now hundreds of universities, as well as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and financial institutions, use solutions from Modo Labs to deliver rich mobile websites and native apps for their students, employees, faculty, staff and alumni.

  • 2014: MassTLC Leadership Awards 2014 Finalist, Innovative Mobile Technology of the Year
  • 2013: InfoWorld 2013 Bossie Awards Best of Open Source Software
  • 2012: MITX 2012 Innovation Award Finalist, Best Mobile Solution
  • 2012: ComputerWorld 2012 Honors Laureate
  • 2012: SXSW 2012 Interactive Accelerator Finalist
  • 2011: MMITX 2011 Innovation Award Winner, Best User Experience
  • 2011: MIT CIO Symposium Innovation Showcase Finalist

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